Wednesday, March 14, 2007

180 Pullups to 600 Pullups

An article at Wired about future soldiers, with fascinating fitness implications:

Vinh Cao, their squat, barrel-chested lab technician, used to do almost 100 pull-ups every time he worked out. Then one day he cooled himself off between sets with an early prototype. The next round of pull-ups — his 11th — was as strong as his first. Within six weeks, Cao was doing 180 pull-ups a session. Six weeks after that, he went from 180 to more than 600. [...] Muscles don’t wear out because they use up stored sugars, the researchers said. Instead, muscles tire because they get too hot, and sweating is just a backup cooling system for the lattices of blood vessels in the hands and feet.
This didn't really surprise me: I find that washing my hands (including the wrists) in cold water gives a boost of energy during exercise. (Found via Instapundit)


At 4:01 PM , Blogger Scott said...

600 a session? Not bad at all. Think I'll have to adjust my goals :)


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