Thursday, March 22, 2007

10 Hrs 50 Min

Today's work day: in @ 7:20am, out @ 6:10pm. 10 hours 50 minutes is an improvement over 11 hours. Tomorrow is Friday, and my plan is to be out the door at 4:00pm and at the gym by 4:30pm.

Off to replenish the veggie and fruit supply.


At 8:30 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

Several things:

- thanks for the informative comment you left for me/Erin. Those links were fantastic; I've already browsed through Straight to the Bar and bookmarked it.

- "These words, customer service,..." LMAO. Do some industries just attract that sort of attitude? I've been very unhappy with the nonhelpfulness of every travel agent I've dealt with. I'm not a difficult or demanding customer, and I doubt you are either. You'd think when they have SO much competition from online booking sources, they'd work really hard on the personal interaction aspect.

- I loved basketball in junior high, and was surprisingly the top scorer in my grade. Amazing for a short, fat kid - just goes to show. I don't know, but it show something.

- Shugart's description of the 3 types is perfect. I guess I'm mostly Type 3: I have finally realized and understood the place of diet (i.e., food) in my life, and now focus on food that will support my goals, not on eating as little food as possible. But I need to push myself into Type 1 a little more; upping the calories without upping the activity isn't going to work (damn!)

- I am so glad you're going to post everyday, you know how much I depend on you to inspire me!

At 6:03 PM , Blogger Mich said...


In response to several things:

- No worries. Glad to help. STTB is a great place.

- I've worked with many helpful travel agents. Not sure why this one was such a dingbat.

- Hmm.. maybe there's hope for me with this basketball thing. At the moment its
1. Basketball requires coordination.
2. I don't have any.
3. This is a problem.

- Shugart often hits nails on head.

- Thanks!


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