Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I have no idea where today went. I got to work by 7:12am. When the last bell rang I was at my desk, and when I looked at the clock again it was 6:40pm. That's three hours that just *poof* vanished. And I'm still taking work home. Did I mention that we had a snow day yesterday and I spent most of it at work? Can't wait for the long weekend.

On Sunday morning I have a fitness assessment scheduled at gym #2. They don't do calipers, unfortunately. Rather, they do the impedance body fat test, a strength test, an endurance test, and then they give you an amusing six page printout with lots of info. Tomorrow's workout will be at gym #1, because my students are playing basketball tomorrow evening and I want to see the game. Friday and Saturday will be at gym #2.

One of my students is going to interview me for the school newspaper tomorrow about my "fruit veggies and H20 only" policy. I'm trying to organize my thoughts so I can say everything I want to say on the subject.

Good reading: Skwigg's tidbits. The woman is inspirational. And her dogs are cool too.


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