Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stupidity Redux

Exhibit A: Got to my desk this morning at 7:15am, left my desk at 6:45pm. That's 11.5 hours. I missed Russian class last night, but the instructor, bless her, e-mailed the homework and materials to all the absent students. This Sunday will be devoted to Russian - I need to do some serious catching up. I bought a book of verbs last week and it is sitting accusingly on my bookshelf.

Exhibit B: The faculty lounge is a food minefield again. One of my colleagues had a birthday, and the custom is that the birthday person brings food goodies. This one brought corn chips, sour creamish taco dip, a homemade cake, ice cream, chocolate sauce and strawberry topping. It was a suckerpunch: I walk into the faculty lounge, which is supposed to be a safehaven, and the first thing that I see is a bottle of chocolate sauce on the table and a big sign announcing the new contents of the fridge. I look at the label in the hope of persuading myself to not eat this stuff: 7g fat per half cup, most of it saturated. And yes, I came back a couple of hours later, after a particularly frustrating interlude, and fully aware of what I was doing I put two scoops in a bowl and added the chocolate sauce and ate it. I don't like ice cream, I haven't eaten ice cream in months, I've never even had it in my fridge since I moved into my apartment. Bah! Now, a non-stupid person would just post the birthday list by her desk, and not go into the lounge hungry on days when people have birthdays.


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