Saturday, February 17, 2007

Snow, Fear and Happiness

When I left work yesterday snow was coming down and driving conditions were awful. It took me three times as long to get home as it usually does, and I was not heading out again in that weather. The one thing I miss about Jerusalem is my gym, and the one thing I miss about Toronto is the snowplows that head out with each snowfall to clear the main driving arteries.

Food was "planned off-plan" yesterday. I expect a certain amount of non-clean eating on PD days. Total damage was 1 glazed donut at the beginning of the day and one ice cream sundae at lunch. Other than that food was clean and I got good amounts of tuna, spinach and apples in. My colleagues were making fun of my lunch box and some suggested that my pop-top tuna cans looked like cat food. :-) Whatever. Now that I'm using canned food on a daily basis, I became curious about the history of canning.

Today the weather is crisp, the sun is shining and the snow is melting. I got up early and headed to Gym #1. I had the best Day I: Chest workout I've had in awhile. It was a combination of being very focused and having the Shuffle in my ears. I should have bought the little gadget months ago. I was and am still sore from Thursday's workout, but I had hoped for soreness when I chose to do squats and deads on Thursday. Sometimes I need that to remind me that I have muscles and that I was not meant to be a sedentary being.

A few quotes that resonated with me lately:

At EFS, Billy Mimnaugh:
The reason I’m bombing out is because I’m scared. I’m afraid that I won’t be what I once was. [...] I’m scared because I know I haven’t or can’t put the necessary effort into my training, and I’m scared of not living up to what people expect of me. Physically, I’m still very strong, but what made me a good lifter was I knew in my heart that I beat everyone in training. I knew that I could do anything I asked my body to do. Now, I go into meets knowing that my training is crap compared to what it was. [...] I need to start at the beginning and do what made me strong in the first place. Mostly, I have to get over my fear.
I'm not a powerlifter and I've never entered a meet, but I understand fear and I understand starting over.

At Adam Campbell's Fitness Insider Blog:
I've never once regretted taking time out to exercise. Even if I have lots of work to do, just want to relax, or for whatever reason dread it beforehand. It's almost like magic. Work out, and you'll always be happy that you did. How many other things can you say that about?
On the flip side, I ALWAYS regret NOT working out.
So true. I never leave the gym unhappy. Whether it's the endorphins or the sense of accomplishment at moving more weight, it's an instant improvement to my mood.

I'm going to be subbing in a phys ed class next week. I'm not going to do any actual teaching: the kids all have their own programs to follow and know what they're doing, I'm basically there to keep an eye on them while their regular teacher is away for the day, but I'm still excited about the prospect.

Another basketball game tonight. I'm going to miss these games when the season ends, but I'm told that girls' soccer starts in the spring. I'm looking forward to those games too.


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