Friday, February 09, 2007

Prayers, Nutrition Advice and A Selfish Thought

When I was studying in Israel I wasn't a regular at services. I checked out all of the services available at my school: the traditional, the egalitarian, the community, but never quite clicked with any of them. Now that I teach at a school that has morning prayers I'm at the egal service every morning. I like it; it gives me a chance to calm down and focus before heading into my day. And I have a new appreciation for the liturgy: that morning blessing that thanks God for "giving strength to the tired" must have been written with teachers in mind. :-) I follow the regular liturgy and add my personal requests, which usually involve asking the Almighty to help my students deal with everything they have to deal with. I've never, since I started praying regularly, asked for diet or exercise help. Seems rather lazy to ask for something for which I've already been provided with all necessary tools.

The reason for this lengthy preamble is that today one of these requests got answered in the affirmative. I won't go into details because it involves a student: let's just say student was not living up to their potential, and after today I'm more hopeful than I've been all month. I probably shouldn't be so optimistic because disappointment may lurk around the corner, but I don't care. I'd rather be optimistic as long as I can.

In nutrition news: I had a student come up to me at lunch time and ask me how they can stop eating so much junk food. This post at Alwyn Cosgrove's blog has been on my mind lately, so I started small: I told the student the reason they were eating junk was probably because they were hungry and that they need to make sure that when they do get hungry there's nutritious stuff around to fill that hunger. (Lo and behold, student admits they don't eat breakfast or dinner, just subsist on snacks all day.) I asked them to focus next week on 1. eating breakfast and 2. bringing two pieces of fruit every day for a snack.

That stupid ice cream is still in the fridge at school: I wish my colleagues would hurry up and eat it. How's that for a selfish and immature thought? :-)

Back to the gym tomorrow. I have some stress that requires a power rack, a skipping rope and a heavy bag.

I have to remember to request April 13 off work: I'm thinking of going to this summit in Little Rock. Looks like quite a line-up, and I've never been to Arkansas.


At 8:10 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

Never been to Arkansas? Dear God, woman, what have you been doing all this time??

At 8:37 AM , Blogger Mich said...

Wasting my life, clearly. :-)

Seriously, it looks like some very smart cookies will be speaking. I hope I can get the day off work and a decently priced flight.


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