Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gym Two

I made a mistake last night. Instead of going right to sleep I put a dvd in the laptop. I had taken Transam3rica out of the library earlier in the week, planning to watch it this weekend. The box looked interesting, but I didn't expect to like it: I don't like many dramas or comedies. I prefer action films with a barely passable plot and good fight choreography. But I liked this movie and its understated script so much I watched the entire thing and ended up going to sleep after midnight.

Woke up at 5:50am this morning and forced myself to take the gym bag with me even though I didn't want to. Between Valentine's Day and an in-school celebration, I expected work to be a food minefield, and it was: donuts in the morning, heart shaped sugar cookies at midday, and brownies at end of day. I had none of the above, and moreover, some kind soul left a bowl of apples in the faculty lounge, which was perfect because I had run out of apples and was too lazy (too cold to get out of the warm car, really) to stop at the grocery store this morning to get more.

At the end of the day I did a gentle squats and deads session at gym #2 (oxymoron there somewhere), stopping between sets to peer down into the basketball courts where my students were playing. The good: the bar has great knurling, which makes it easy to grip, and today marked the inaugural use of my new ipod shuffle (orange, in case you're wondering). Also, the girls' team won. The annoying: the dbs are old and rusty, and someone had left plates on the bar.

Not too many people around, a couple of teenage boys training biceps (what else?) who redeemed themselves with some very nice diamond pushups. Some older gentlemen doing curls (what else?), and a woman with superb shoulders and lats who was doing rope triceps extensions. I can't see myself ever choosing this as my main gym, but it will do for the days I can't go to gym #1.

Finished my workout and went downstairs to watch the boys play very hard, fight every step of the way, and lose to a very strong team. I was proud of them for holding their own and not giving up.


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