Sunday, January 07, 2007

Three for Three

Three days, three sessions. I went to the gym Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was so good to be back after the voicelessness, the coughing and everything else. Friday night's session was a little short. I had forgotten that they close at 8pm on Fridays, so all I had time for was six sets of bench. Saturday was squats and heavy bag and today was deads and heavy bag. I also going to go tomorrow afternoon. I usually finish too late on Mondays to train on Monday evenings, but tomorrow I'll be out at 5:30pm and I'll just go straight to the gym from work. Which means I have to pack my gym stuff tonight, and remember to take it in to the school with me. If I leave it in the car the gym clothes become freezing cold. Putting a freezing cold t-shirt and workout pants on isn't really conducive to a good workout. Trust me on this one.

An interesting afternoon at the gym today: first, there was someone in the power cage, second, this someone was a female and third, she was squatting. The real thing. You could tell by her form that she knew what she was doing. Nice! When she was on her rest interval I went over to compliment and exchange a few words. She said that she's lifted at the national level and that she was currently recovering from various injuries, including a shoulder problem and two knee surgeries. After her squats she did deads with around 155lbs, and I heard her tell the trainer in charge that getting one plate on the bar is the first step to getting back to having two plates on the bar, which is the first step to having three plates on the bar. (Amen!) For the mathematically tired, three plates per side would mean over 300lbs. Sweet. The funny thing was that I told her that my inital motivation for getting in shape was switching to teaching, and she assumed I meant teaching phys. ed. :-)

So I stayed out of the rack, and used the pre-set barbells (which go up to 90lbs) to do my deadlifts. After the deads I did lat pulldowns, and then went to hit the heavy bag again. My intensity level isn't where it should be, but I was in pain. Sore from Friday and Saturday and I also had a massive headache from 2pm onwards (and it hasn't gone away yet). I am guessing it is due to lack of water and inadquate sleep. I'm working on those.


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