Friday, January 19, 2007

Brahms or Basketball

Good bench/push session on Tuesday and good back-pull session on Thursday. Wednesday night was Russian class, which was moving at breakneck speed. I went in tonight and attempted a Day III Quads And session, but nothing was working. I started with lying cable rows and something under my left scapula started complaining. I moved on to squats. The 50% and 80% warm up sets were really easy. Then I tried for 8 reps at 105lbs, and somthing at the top of my left left started complaining. I stopped. I think I've been training long enough to tell the difference between "gut-it-out" pain and "cease-and-desist" pain, and these were definitely the latter. So I spent the rest of the session stretching, trying to convince my illiotibial band that all was right with the world. I did some reverse hypers using a Swiss ball on a bench. (See this article and scroll down to the 12th comment, the one by CT, for an explanation.)

I'm going to head back to the gym tomorrow and see how it goes.

I have a ticket to the Hamburg Symphony for tomorrow night, but my students are playing basketball. I didn't know about the games when I bought the ticket. Hmm. On the one hand, I really like classical music and haven't had an artsie evening out since the Ailey was in town. On the other hand, it's a choice between basketball played by my students or Brahms played by some strangers from Hamburg. It would be an easier decision if I had someone to give the ticket to.

Nutrition has improved over the past two days. I've started going through spinach at a decent pace again, and I replenished the tuna stash that's in my desk. So all I need to bring with me is three containers of chopped up veggies and I'm set for three meals during the school day. Occasionally, if I feel I'm getting close to the point where I can't stand the sight of canned tuna anymore, I'll bring an 6x1 omelette or cottage cheese instead. That's the good. The bad was that I went into the faculty lounge and was blindsided by junk on the table again. I set myself up for failure there, because I hadn't eaten for six+ hours when I went in there. I had breakfast at 6:30am, and then was either teaching or observing straight through to 1pm.


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