Sunday, April 30, 2006


For one of my classes at Hebrew U I have to write a personal interpretation of Kafka’s short story Before the Law. There are at least two English translations available on line, here and here. It’s very short; go read. My initial reaction was that it is a good description of how too many people approach lifestyle changes. We waste so much time waiting for permission before actually doing, and we accept the assertion of others that we can't really have what we want. Not now, maybe later.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Aerobic and Anaerobic

A study out of Berkeley about about muscles using lactic acid as a fuel source:
In a paper in press for the American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism, published online in January, Brooks and colleagues Takeshi Hashimoto and Rajaa Hussien in UC Berkeley's Exercise Physiology Laboratory add one of the last puzzle pieces to the lactate story and also link for the first time two metabolic cycles - oxygen-based aerobic metabolism and oxygen-free anaerobic metabolism - previously thought distinct.
(found via CrossFit)

Friday, April 28, 2006

Boxing II

Boxing class number two this morning. Five men, the coach and me. The men paired up, and the one man who didn't have a partner came over to work with me, so I got to work with each man for a bit. It was fascinating, from the teacher's point of view, because each of them was teaching me something else, and each had a different teaching style. One was big on positive feedback, another was low on feedback but precise on instruction, one was more concerned with my elbow position, another helped me focus on foot position. Everyone was really nice. More than one said that I'm keeping my shoulders too tight and that I need to relax my shoulders and stop raising my elbow. It's interesting, because four or five days a week, out in the weight room, I'm the experienced exerciser, and one day a week, as soon as I step into this class, I'm the newbie.

After class I met a friend downtown for breakfast at Tmol Shilshom. It was a buffet, and I usually don't like buffets, but I was pleasently surprised. I think because the restaurant kept the serving dishes small and kept refillng them with fresh stuff, as opposed to putting large trays of food out and letting them get cold and sorry looking.

After stopping at home I went to find hand wraps and boxing gloves. Took the 4A bus to the Malha shopping centre, and got a pair of hand wraps at אחוות לוחמים, a sport and martial arts supply store whose name means "love/camaraderie amongst fighters/warriors". I like stores with Hebrew names. It annoys me when I see stores in Jerusalem with English names or English-only signs. The hand wraps are bright yellow; it was the last pair the store had in stock. No decision on the gloves yet. The man at the store asked me where I train, and when I told him it turned out he knows the boxing coach. Said he was an excellent coach. I said that I will ask coach which gloves I should get and I'll come back next Friday. The price differences between the gloves are significant, but I don't mind getting a higher end pair as a long term investment.

I'd like to continue with boxing after I leave here. I've always wanted to take a boxing class. A few years ago I read several books about boxing. I read Rope Burns - the short story collection on which Million $ Baby was based - long before the movie came out. Another good book on the subject, non-fiction, is Kill the Body, the Head Will Fall. One of the unexpected but welcome benefits of all the gym time I've put in over the past year is that I now know that I can go into a class, any class, and hold my own.

BTW, are the two Hebrew words in this post readable on your browser? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Another Hebrew U Pic

Decline Bench Up Again

This post is dedicated to my classmate E, who, unlike the other dozen people who expressed interest in my gym, actually got up and joined it. Girl, you rock!

Gym was swamped tonight. Newbies galore, mostly focused and earnest. Also some newbies who are experieced lifters, just new to the gym. When I came in this evening I discovered the bar was missing from the decline bench. It was being used for sumo deads in the corner. I got a bar from one of the flat benches and got started.

Thursday, April 28, 2006
Day I: Chest

Decline Bench Press; stomach vacuums b/w sets
6 x 25Kg/55 lbs
6 x 40Kg/88.2 lbs
6 x 50Kg/110.2 lbs This is why I like the 6 rep microcycle. A new PR which is 77% of bodyweight :-)
6 x 45Kg/99.2 lbs
6 x 40Kg/88.2 lbs
12 x 25Kg/55 lbs

Single Arm Pec Deck Flyes; leg lifts off bench b/w sets
6 x 15/33
6 x 24/52.9
6 x 30/66.1
6 x 24/52.9
6 x 24/52.9
12 x 15/33

DB Incline Presses, palms facing each other; 1 min cardio interval b/w sets
6 x 8/17.6
6 x 12/26.5
6 x 12.5/27.6
6 x 12/26.5
6 x 10/22
12 x 7/15.4
Single db weight listed. I got a little distracted and started with the 8Kg dbs for the warmup set. I was supposed to go 6, 10 and 12, but instead went 8, 12 and 12.5

Incline Skull Crushers with Tricep Bar; 1 min cardio interval b/w sets
6 x 11.5/25.4
6 x 17.5/38.6
6 x 22.5/49.6
6 x 20/44.1
6 x 20/44.1
12 x 11.5/25.4

Stopped at the supermarket on the way home. They finally had 0.5%F cottage cheese back in stock. There had been a shortage since Pesach. Also bought fat free yogurt; the flavour selection of yogurt in Israel is amazing: I got pineapple, strawberry, rum raisin (these I stick in the freezer), coconut-banana, and mango.

Monday, April 24, 2006


The picture is of a water fountain at the Hebrew U's Mt. Scopus campus. Lots of schoolwork to do, so this is going to be short. Yesterday night was Day II: Back, with the ever-improving pullup attempts. Tonight was Day III: Mostly Quads. Max sets on the squats 7 x 47.5Kg/104.7lbs, 7 x 42.5Kg/93.7lbs, and 7 x 40Kg/88.2lbs. Max sets on the lunges 7 x 35Kg/77.2lbs, 7 x 30Kg/66lbs and 7 x 30Kg/66lbs. The squats felt...comfy, if I can use that word for squats. :-)

Saturday, April 22, 2006


The downside to taking university courses taught by profs that you respect is that when they assign boring books for you to read you feel obligated to actually read them. I'm not going to name the book; no reason to denigrate it just because I've been procrastinating on completing the readings. The book has a few quotes by Arrigo Boito, the composer of Mefistofele. I didn't know anything about Mr. Boito before I read this entry, and I was struck by this sentence:
Boito wrote very little music, completing but later destroying another opera, Ero e Leandro, and leaving incomplete a further opera, Nerone, which he had been working at, on and off, since 1877.
Looks like he wrote operas the way I write university papers...

Friday, April 21, 2006

Boxing and Decline BP at 73%

Woke up at 7:05am so that I'd have enough time for water and breakfast before I went to try the boxing class at 8:30am. It started late and it was a small class: the coach, four men and me. Three of the faces were familiar, as they also train late in the evening. The cardio wasn't even close to being a problem, I could have gone longer. I felt like singing, "hey, I think I'm in shape now", to the tune of "I think we're alone now"...

After the warmup and drills the men did partner work and I got the intro: hand positions, footwork (stay on your feet! forget you have heels!), moving backwards and forwards and side to side. I can't decide if I feel more comfortable with my right foot forward or my left foot forward. That's what comes from being right handed but left-eye dominant.

I had initially planned on doing my Day II session after the class, but the class worked my arms and shoulders to such an extent that I decided to leave it for Sunday. The woman who had suggested the class to me wasn't there, but I think she's on a business trip. I'm definitely taking this class again next Friday. I have to get my hands on a skipping rope before then.

Oh, and last night on the decline bench press, my max set was 7 x 47.5Kg/104.7lbs. :D

Hebrew U Pictures

Regardless of my level of academics-related stress, I think the Mt. Scopus campus of Hebrew U is beautiful. While I was there yesterday I took a few more pictures.There are several sculptures on the grounds; if you walk through the doors that are just past that one and turn left, you will reach the education building. The second picture is of rocks along the path that leads up to the Rothberg International school.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Good Things Elsewhere

The gym was closed yesterday, because it was the last day of Pesach, so nothing new on the exercise front. Today I met my classmate E for breakfast at Cafe Hillel at 8:30am, and now I am taking a 10 minute (and only 10 minutes, really!) break from my day of studiousness at the university.

Lots of good stuff out there in the blogosphere:

Over at Reflected Thoughts there's a thoughtful piece on floundering and sabotage. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, more on the academic front than on the fitness front, but the concept is the same. For me, it still comes down to fear of heightened expectations. Once I start operating at the high level I am capable of, I will have no excuse to go below it. And, if I'm not putting in 100% effort, then I always have a ready-made excuse as to why I under-achieved. Can you say stupid? I knew you could. :-)

The part of my life where this is most evident is writing papers for university. Starting and finishing papers is a major challenge for me. Part of the problem is that I never like the finished product. This post at Academic Coach talks about the difficulties of the writing process, and there are good tips in the comments.

Back on March 10, Volokh Conspiracy had an analysis of the Mohammed cartoons. My favourite quote from this post: "I'm offended" cannot be justification enough, either in law or in manners, for the conclusion "therefore you must shut up."

And lastly, Capitalist Lion has a Guide to Buying Your Gal A Gun.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fresh Garlic

That pile is not the Israeli variety of Horta. Rather, it is a mound of fresh garlic at the market. It smells absolutely amazing; if you like garlic, that is. I didn't buy any, because I wasn't sure what I would do with it exactly, but I did get honeydew, fresh mint and scallions.

In other food adventures, I went to the Mr. Zol supermarket in the centre of town, and was dismayed to find that they had already put away the matzot. Tomorrow is the last day of Pesach, so its not surprising that they are getting the store ready for regular food, but I was hoping to get another box of the tasty rye matza.

Solid day at the gym. Deads were smooth, but the 2nd and 3rd work sets were a little lighter than I'd hoped for. I wanted 55/52.5/50, but managed 8 x 55Kg/121.3lbs , 8 x 50Kg/110.2lbs, and 8 x 45Kg/99.2. After the second set I asked man-in-charge if I could stay at 50Kg, and he says "You too tired to change plates?" :-) Actually, I was tired today. It started with E-Z bar bicep curls, where 8 x 20Kg/44.1lbs felt much heavier than it ought to have felt. Then, during the deads, I shared the rack with guy-in-charge, who was doing good mornings. He had gotten the bar from the nearby decline bench and put it a few rungs above my bar, so that we wouldn't have to move the one bar up and down between sets. Taking my bar out on the first set of deads, I smack my head into the upper bar. Not hard, fortunately, just enough to wake up. On the bright side, the cardio intervals went well, endurance is definitely improving.

I'm thinking about trying the boxing class. I'm not much of a group activities person, but I may try it out this coming Friday just for fun. I prefer watching boxing (this fight should be interesting); but doing it likely involves too much cardio for my taste. The woman who suggested it is one of the regulars at the gym. She is extremely lean, with a rhythmic gymnast type of physique, similar to this. She's getting very strong, but you don't realise it until you guesstimate the % of bodyweight she is lifting. It is really nice to be in a gym with people who take their training seriously. I hope I find something close to this when I go back to North America.

Monday, April 17, 2006


This morning I had breakfast with someone who was taking the bus to Tel Aviv immediately following said breakfast. I hope she didn't go to the area of the old central bus station. I was at the gym, about ten minutes into my workout, when one of the guys asked if anyone heard about the terrorist bombing in Tel Aviv. Most of us hadn't. We turned the tv to one of the Israeli news channels and watched reports in between sets. It was only when I got home that I heard the latest numbers: nine dead and sixty five wounded. No names released yet. The Islamic Jihad scumbag was stopped by a security guard and detonated outside the restaurant rather than inside. The police are now searching for the enablers who transported him and his suicide belt to Tel Aviv.

Obviously everyone continued with their workouts. You cannot fall to pieces just because there are people out there who want to murder you. On Friday Iran threatened annihilation and the world shrugged. So what else is new? Threats to one's life are not a reason to get lazy; quite the opposite.

The workout itself went well. Lying cable rows, upright rows, squats, lunges. The three work sets on the squats were 1 x 8 x 46.5Kg/102.5lbs and 2 x 8 x 45Kg/99.2 lbs. The three work sets on the lunges were 1 x 8 @ 32.5Kg/71.7lbs and 2 x 8 @ 30 Kg/66.1lbs. I'm looking forward to deadlifts tomorrow.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Seeking Carryover

I forgot to wish Happy Easter to those readers celebrating it. Oy. I hope you are having a meaningful and enjoyable one.

Gym was swamped today. I hadn't expected it to be swamped. I thought people would take time off and enjoy the holiday. Although I have no idea why I thought that... I mean, I was there, right? Again a mixture of oldies and newbies. I think this is the first time in my life that I've been in one gym long enough to be considered one of the oldies. I hope the newbies stick it out, and that if they don't, they dust themselves off and try again.

Because I was there at an unusual timeslot for me (2pm), I saw some people that I haven't seen since the summer. One guy was doing deadlifts with 170 Kg / 375 lbs. In contrast to the preacher curl guy from Friday, there was no grunting involved. I don't even think that was his max set. The next time I glanced up he was silently doing weighted dips with 40 Kgs / 88 lbs handing off his belt. Very nice.

I had a good Day II: Back workout. The baby pullups are improving, and the two varieties of lat pulldowns I do after the pullup attempts felt very strong. Man-in-charge actually had me bump up the weight by 3Kg /6.6 lbs on the second variety after I finished my max set, which is very unusual. I think that has only happened one other time in entire time I've been at the gym. The norm is slow and steady progression, which I like very much, because you get to a new max weight at the end of each microcycle and you know you own that weight.

I'm not impressed with how I'm using my time off during this Pesach. I could be so much more productive, but it seems my in-gym time is the only productive time of my day. Things got out of whack today because I went to sleep at the ridiculous hour of 3:30am this morning. Today I was tired most of the day. I need to get some carryover; all this focus and drive and seriousness can't just appear when I'm in the gym; it needs to trickle down (out? over?) to the rest of my life. Some of it already has, but nowhere near enough. There's so much to do before I leave, and I can't afford to waste any more time than I already have this year.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Seder Musings and 45Kg Again

I wish everyone could have the opportunity to go to a seder like the one I went to on Wednesday night. It was a wonderful. I haven't really enjoyed the seders I've been to over the past 20 years, because a. they are conducted in English, b. they stop at the meal and never go back to the haggada and c. there's no discussion or passion involved. And keep in mind that being outside Israel I had to go to two seders each year, not just one. This was so different. It was everything a seder should be. We read the entire haggada, we discussed the meaning of slavery and freedom and what it means for you to see yourself "as if you yourself have come out of Egypt, we had a very yummy meal, we drank four cups of wine (I had a mixture of grape juice and wine) and we did the entire thing, including the boisterous singing at the end. And yes, doing a real seder takes time: we began at 8:20pm and ended at 2:20am, and it was worth every minute.

The food was delicious and amenable to healthy choices: chicken matzah ball soup, roast chicken, broccoli, sweet potatoes, a salad, roast potatoes, and chocolate cake and baked apples for dessert. This was an unexpected bonus; I don't worry about food choices on major holidays.

I walked home at 2:30am and I wasn't the only one on the street. Lots of other people walking home from their seders. I had a map with me, just incase I got lost. I didn't need it, but it came in handy because I ran into a lost South African tourist near the President's Residence who needed directions to Rupin Street.

I slept for 11 hours straight and had a very relaxed Thursday. This morning I went out early and had breakfast at Cafe Hillel on Hillel Street. After breakfast I went to several clothing stores to try and find a black t-shirt. My gym clothes are getting loose again. I ended up with a white t-shirt with elbow length sleeves from Lord Kitsch (that's the name of the store, really). Then I headed to the gym, which was very busy with a mixture of newbies and regulars, Israelis and Anglos. GeorgiaGuy was there, so was PerfectSquatGuy.

It was back to day I: Chest, kicking off the 8 rep microcycle. Because I had done 2 sets of 10 x 40Kg on the last day I, guy-in-charge said to try 8 x 45Kg for my max set this time. I was hesitant, but hey, I've done it for 6 reps, so 8 shouldn't be a problem.
Guy-in-charge: You think you can't do it?
Me: No. Man-in-charge says that if you think you can't you lose up to 30% of your strength, so I don't think.
He: Right.
And then I started the set. It wasn't a problem. By the fourth rep I knew it would be fine. Finally getting enough sleep probably helped too.

Woman-in-charge, whom I hadn't seen in the gym for ages, was back today. I don't know if she's working in the gym anymore, but it was good to see her back and training. I stopped to say hello, and we had the following conversation:
She: So you're back from your trip
Me: Yes, and I have four months or so before I go back.
She (scandalized): One minute, are your shoulders wider than mine?
Me: No chance, it's the white shirt.
I don't think she has anything to worry about... she looks great, and the one time I looked over at what she was up to, she was doing an easy decline bp set at 60Kg, which is not even close to her max.

The rest of the workout went fine. The skull crushers at the end felt really easy and smooth: 2 sets of 8 x 19.5Kg for my max work. It was supposed to be 19Kg, but SkinnyGuy was using the 10Kg tricep bar, and he didn't seem too pleased about the prospect of me working in. So after I did my warm-up set with the 10Kg bar, I went and got the 12Kg bar, and used that for the rest of my exercises. 12 Kg + two 2.5Kg plates + two 1.25Kg plates = 19.5Kg, If I had used the 10Kg bar it would have been 10Kg + two 2.5Kg plates + two 1.25Kg plates + two 750g collars = 19Kg. This way I saved myself the wandering around looking for the collars. We only have one set of them in the gym, and for some reason people don't always remember to put them back in place.

I wish to point out that there are few things sillier than a grown man grunting like a cow giving birth while doing single arm preacher curls. A grunt on a max bp, fine, on a max squat, no problem, max deadlift, beseder (Hebrew for ok). But on a preacher curl? Sheesh.

The rest of the day was pretty productive. I stopped by the supermarket and picked up ff yogurt and sliced turkey breast. Got home, put in a load of laundry, went to the shuk and got red peppers, tomatoes, kohlrabi, sweet potatoes and Granny Smith apples. The red peppers were 4 NIS for a kilo. That's 87 cents US. The "big splurge" were the sweet potatoes, which were 8 NIS a kilo. I haven't had them recently and having them during the seder reminded me of how much I like them.

Not sure if I'll go on the municipal walking tour tomorrow morning. Depends on the weather. Today was 29C/84F, sunny and gorgeous, but the temperatures are expected to drop.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Pesach

10 rep micro cycle is done. I did Day II (back) on Monday, Day III (squats) yesterday, and Day IV (deads) this morning. So when the gym re-opens on Friday it's back to Day I: Chest. The Monday session was good, but yesterday and today were tough. I think I've discovered the limit to the minimal sleep and inadequate nutrition thing.

Last night after the gym I went downtown to find a store with fax services (found one, on the corner of Agripas and King George), and by the time I got home it was close to midnight. I started on the last part of the pre-Pesach cleaning, and took down the last bag of garbage at 2:30am or so. I woke up at 8:10am, and my plan was to go out for breakfast, hit the gym and then go to the market. I hadn't realised that my current favourite place for breakfast had already closed down for Pesach. I went to a different restaurant instead, one that had elected to kasher their facilities for Pesach rather than close for the holiday. Got to the gym at 11ish and was done, deadlifts and all, at 12:30. I was so tired. I had an idiot moment at the beginning of the workout; turned around and walked right into the bar that was on the squat rack. Fortunately no one noticed, or if they did, they kept the snickering to themselves.

Gym was packed, of course, with everyone trying to get the last workout in before the holiday. I was sharing the rack with the really nice Anglo guy; the one who has no issues when we both unload and reload the bar between sets. Then I shared the ham curl machine with one of the teenagers. There are about six or seven of them that train regularly, and it is funny how much they talk between sets. They could probably lift 15% more weight if they didn't spend so much energy talking. This particular young man has made a pretty remarkable transformation from skinny to built. I think he's getting ready to start his army service and the training is so that he can go for an elite unit.

I was trying to work as fast as possible today because the gym was closing at 1:00pm and I had to allow time for a shower. I've never showered at the gym before as I don't like carrying extra stuff with me (towel, soap, shampoo, flipflops), but I had no choice. The apartment bathroom was being painted this morning and I didn't think it would be ready by the afternoon. It turned out fine. I was done in time, and the gym showers are actually very nice, spacious individual cubicles.

I hope that I don't fall asleep at the seder tonight. I don't think my hosts would be too impressed. The nice thing about Israel is that there is only one seder rather than two. I am so looking forward to the holiday tomorrow. I am going to sleep in, and then relax and read all day. Once in a while I'll bestir myself and get food. I bought rye and wholewheat matza yesterday and they are yummy.

Career decision made: Kansas it is. All I need now is a pair of ruby slippers and a dog named Toto. :-) However, the dogs I like don't really go with a name like Toto.

If you're celebrating it, have a great Pesach. If you are not, have a great week.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

So Tired And Yet

A couple of new people came in to check out the gym tonight. Pesach is a holiday when people start diets and join gyms, reasoning that since they just spent a week (or are about to spend a week) without bread, it's a good time to transition to healthy eating and a new lifestyle.

I had three and a half hours of sleep last night. Couldn't sleep because I was thinking about the career decision. Talked it over with several people today; the director of my program, the admin coordinator of my program, my classmate D... each of them highlighted things that I had not considered. I think that I am close to making a decision, and then I re-consider. Texas or Kansas; that is the question...

Went to the gym and did Day I: Chest, starting off the 10 rep microcycle. For decline bp the three work sets were 10 x 40Kg, 10 x 40Kg, and 10 x 30Kg. So on the one hand I felt exhausted, and on the other hand I managed 10 x 40Kg twice? It amazes me what I can do on minimal sleep and inadequate nutrition, and it pleases me that my gym going seems to be on autopilot now. There's no such thing as not training. If I'm awake then I go train, end of story. I'm planning to do Day II tomorrow, Day III on Wednesday, then Pesach starts Wednesday night and the gym is closed until Friday morning, so Day IV on Friday, and then I'll be able to start the next microcycle on Sunday.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Deadlifts, Decisions and Flowers

Yesterday was a busy day. My class had a field trip to Beth Hatefutsoth (lit. House of the Diaspora) Museum in Tel Aviv. The older I get the more I like this museum. In addition to the regular exhibit they had a special exhibit called Portraits of Jews 1975-1995. Unfortunately there was no catalogue or posters to buy; there were several photographs I really liked. I settled for four postcards, unrelated to the exhibit, that had portraits of Tunisian Jews. After the museum visit I opted to stay in Tel Aviv for the afternoon and have an early dinner with a cousin. I caught the 7pm bus to Jerusalem, made it to my apartment by 8:40pm, and at the gym by 9:05pm. I managed to fit in the entire workout (lying cable rows, upright rows, squats, lunges) and only missed the last minute of cardio.

Earlier this week I saw a sign around town that said that a flower market would take place at Liberty Bell Garden every Friday in April. So this morning, after having breakfast with a fellow blogger, we headed to the garden to see what it was all about. It was smaller than expected, but there were amusing things there, like a booth that sold wooden flamingo garden ornaments. The flowers were lovely and inexpensive. I bought two bunches of long stem white roses for 30 NIS ($7.50 CAD). I didn't take a picture of the roses, but I did take pictures of the gerberas.

After the garden detour I went home and got my gym stuff, and then headed to the gym. Squats had gone very well last night, and today was deads. I'm very pleased with the way this 6 rep microcycle went. Today's deadlift worksets were 6 x 57.5 Kg/126.8lbs (88.8% of bodyweight), 6 x 55 Kg/121.3lbs and 6 x 50 Kg/110.2lbs, with a minute of interval cardio between sets. By the time I get to the 6 rep microcyle again I expect I'll be doing 60 Kg, which I am looking forward to because I will finally be using the 20Kg plates. :-) Silly but it helps.

The workouts helped take my mind off a decision I need to make early next week. I have two job offers and I need to accept one and decline the other. They're very similar. It will likely come down to location and gut feeling. But I like both locations and my gut feeling may just turn out to be something I ate... I am not complaining; obviously having a choice about where to work next year is a wonderful thing, and I hope all my classmates are similarly blessed (several have already signed with schools.) It's just that I've never had two places want me at the same time.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Decline BP at 70% of Bodyweight

Great way to kick off the 6 rep microcycle: do 6 x 45Kg / 99.2 lbs as the max set on the decline bench press, and follow up with 6 x 40Kg / 88.2 lbs for work sets 2 and 3. I know that decline bp is not equivalent to flat bp, it's apparently about 10% less, but I'll take it, especially since the shoulder was not complaining. I was sharing the decline bench with one of the guys, and the exchanges went very fast, as we were both loading and unloading the bar as needed.

After the decline bp I did the single arm pec deck flyes, 6 x 27Kg / 59.5 lbs for the max set, then incline db presses using 11 Kg / 24.3 lbs dbs for the max set. The last exercise was incline skull crushers with a tricep bar - 6 x 20Kg / 44 lbs. Unfortunately I ran out of time and didn't do anything after the max set, which was a pity because I felt I could have done the same weight multiple times.

Found out that the gym will have shorter hours during Pesach, 8am-8pm.

Monday, April 03, 2006


I need to stop having amazing workouts at the end of minimal-sleep-and-lousy-nutrition days before I convince myself that this is the normal state of affairs. Deads felt strong and smooth tonight. 6 rep microcycle starts tomorrow. This post would be longer were I not determined to get more than four hours of sleep for a change. In the meantime, there's a good Berardi article at T-Nation on transitioning from a regular diet to The Athlete Diet.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rainy Sunday

The rain started Saturday night and continued Sunday morning. If you want to know what it was like walking in Jerusalem this morning, just go into your shower wearing your street clothes and turn the water on full blast.

Stupid stupid day food-wise; essentially a massive carb fest with minimal nutritional value. Toast, fruit, more toast, fruit juice, more toast. You'd think I'd have mustered up the initiative to reach for a cottage cheese container and break the carb monotony, but it didn't happen.