Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Yearning for Productivity

As I was having breakfast this morning I felt an intense yearning for productivity. I've had this happen before, usually on the last day of a vacation, when it is too late to do something about it. But there it was, a full six days before I have to go back to work. So I put on some music, washed the dishes, cleaned out the fridge including the freezer, and re-organized the kitchen cabinets. There were some pleasant surprises: I have three bags of frozen brussel sprouts. I looked through the grocery store flyers and made a list of what to buy where. $0.99 broccoli and cauliflower, yay! Also lemons at 3/$1, and organic romaine hearts at $1.99 per package. And oranges and organic apples, oh my! I already have copious amounts of beans, lentils and canned tuna, as well as spices, so I just need FF cottage cheese and eggs.

I got rid of the chocolate that my hosts from last week gave me. I couldn't find anyone to re-gift it to, and frankly, I don't see why I should fob off problematic food on some other innocent person. Since it entered my possession under duress, I don't feel guilting about tossing it. I had initially intended to offer it to my guests but they're not coming. They couldn't find a cheap flight. Besides, I think I finally got over this idea that I need to have unhealthy food in my house to serve to guests. If my guests don't like fresh fruit, green tea and tuna (and why wouldn't they? :-) ) there's always a local coffee shop where everyone can have the pastry of their choice. I don't need this stuff in my home.

Less coughing today and voice slightly stronger. I think I just need to ride this out and keep quiet as much as possible, and the voice will return to normal.


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