Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Twelve Hour Days

This is probably going to be my third twelve hour workday in a row. Not having a computer means I can't work at home, so I am at work till ridiculous hours. Yesterday I was sitting at my desk and had the following conversation with myself at 6:00pm.
Me: "Why am I so tired?
*lightbulb goes on*
Me: "Because I've been here since 7:00am!"

Well. Food has been wobbly. Excellent at breakfast, good during the day except not as spaced out as I would like. Honesty demands that I note the stupid nightly donut on the way home after the 12 hour day. Water is improving. I'm still not back to the 3.5-4L a day I was drinking while in Jerusalem. Today's I'll be at 1 litre green tea and 1.5 litres H20 for the day. I'm going to try for 1+2 tomorrow. Those tuna and salmon pouches are pricy but they've been invaluable at boosting my protein intake. The depressing thing is that each 3oz pouch is only 15g of protein (salmon) or 19g of protein (tuna). I need to pack a couple of egg whites with each one.

At Sunday's baby shower I was ambushed by a matchmaking Israeli triumvirate. "Are you seeing someone?", "How old are you?", "I have a guy, can I have your number?" I gave them my number, not expecting anyone would call. Matchmaking enthusiasts often think that just because two people are Jewish and breathing it will be a good match, so I don't blame any guy for taking the number and consigning it to the dustbin. But to my surprise the guy actually called, and there's a "blind" date coming up. We had a pleasant enough phone conversation, but I forgot to ask him if he lifts. It was going to be Saturday night, but the boys' and girls' basketball teams are playing again, and I don't want to miss the game so we picked Sunday. Now I find that there's a basketball game on Sunday too, to make up for games missed during the snow days. Scheduling is not easy.

I'm bemused by the dating process. Haven't done much of it: being obese from age 15-34 and not being social to begin with. So what are the odds that at my age I'm going to meet my intended? That there is a guy out there who can put up with my assorted religious beliefs, political views and annoying habits? :-) I think one reason I'm doing it is so I can tell my parents that I'm "going out" and "have a social life".


At 7:20 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

Hey, it might turn out great. You never know. What were the odds of you finding a good gym after the ideal one you had in Israel?

I haven't dated in 23 years, so I'm a bit rusty on the concept. Have a good time!

At 12:28 PM , Blogger JuliaMazal said...

Hey, before you started lifting you didn't lift either (duh). Give him a chance to pleasantly surprise you.


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