Saturday, December 09, 2006

Thursday: Donuts and deadlifts

I've mentioned that I don't allow food other than raw fruit, raw vegetables and h2o in my classroom. The response from my students has been interesting. Some are indifferent, others try to make fun of it by bringing a raw potato, and some get into it, like the person who brought an avocado to class and ate it with a spoon. :-) The reason is not, as some of them think, that I want to control what they eat. The reason is that I want my classroom to be my haven; I want there to be at least one place at work where I don't have to see other people's nutritional choices.

At school, like in any workplace, there are lots of opportunities for people to obtain and consume junk, and I don't have a problem with it, live and let live and all that. I prefer that they do it outside my room (office, cubicle, broomcloset, whatever). But yesterday the donuts came to visit. Occasionally, a school celebration means parent-supplied donuts for all. There were plenty left over, and unexpectedly, one of my colleagues walked into my classroom while class was in session with a plate heaped with donuts. I looked at colleague and said "I can't believe you are bringing that into my classroom". "It's for your students," said colleague. I decided to not get into an argument about it right then and there, told colleague to put it on the side and told my students they could have them on the way out if they wanted them. My students could see I was not impressed, and asked me if I ever eat donuts. I said that I do, but that they are not conducive to my lifting goals. That, of course, gave me a great opening to have a one minute segue into lifting and weights and how every woman can work her way to benching her bodyweight. And then we got back on track with the lesson plan.

That's not quite the end of the story. I still had to teach the entire class with a plate full of donuts by my side. At the end of the class the kids took the donuts and went on to their next class. I had been avoiding the teachers' lounge all day, knowing that there would be leftover donuts on the table in there. At the end of my day I went into the lounge to pick up some printing, and what was still on the table? Yes, two leftover donuts.

And in frustration and annoyance, displaying revolting weakness of character, I ate one, and then started on a second one before I caught myself and stopped.

I was so disgusted with myself. I went back to my classroom, looked at the compliance grid which I had hung up to the right of my desk that very morning and added the F and C stats for 1.5 donuts. And then, very deliberately, circled the T for Training Day.

I went to the gym and had a perfect deadlift session. I spoke to colleague the next day and explained why I don't want donuts in my classroom. Colleague apologized. I don't think I will be seeing donuts in my classroom again.


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