Saturday, December 30, 2006


I'm proud to recall
that at no time at all
and with no other recourses
but my own resources,
with firm application
and determination...
I made a fool of myself!
The Court Jester
I'm not going into details except to say that I made a tech support call last night that should really end up on one of those "stupid tech support" calls lists that you find on the internet. I told the tech person at the end of the call that they have my permission to put this call on such a list, as long as they keep my name off.

Speaking of the Court Jester, why doesn't anyone make clean and funny comedies anymore? I watched the 40 yr old virgin DVD on my laptop yesterday and did not like it at all. I really don't appreciate unnecessary profanity and crude humour (yes, I'm a prude, so?). Why do I bother taking comedies out of the library? If they're made after 1965 they're invariably too crude for my taste. The one bright spot in this movie was the improbable musical closing number. I returned the dvd and got Walking Tall and House of Flying Daggers instead. Simple, straightforward, uncomplicated action movies.

I've decided to stop this dating thing, blind or non, until I'm finished with the Maspik Teruzim project. I know I barely started, but I can't put myself out there if I know I'm not the best me I can be. Wow, just writing that makes me feel calmer and happier. I have unfinished business on the fitness and health front. The reason I managed to drop the ~55lbs and get stronger was because I made it a priority, and I'm not going to finish the project, hit my lifting goals and drop 20-25lbs (and maybe one day lift in a competition in the 114 lbs weight class) until I make training & nutrition the top priorities again.

I'm looking forward to 2007 even though the only thing I have planned for tomorrow is grading and going to sleep early. I've felt lethargic since Thursday, but I did get things done; I bought a storage tote for my summer clothes and divided the remaining clothes into casual/workout closet and dressy closet. I moved the bookshelves, the comfy reading chair and the new standing lamp into the bedroom and reshelved all the books and magazines. This leaves the living room furniture-less. The more time goes by the less inclined I am to buy furniture for the living room. I'm looking at it as my bodyweight exercise space. There's a mat, there's skipping rope, I might make a sandbag, what else do I need?

A cold sore appeared yesterday evening, o joy ... Lousy food choices + not enough H20 + through-the-roof levels of stress will do that. What's stressing me? The fact that as usual during a break I did not do all the things I planned to do, did not go to the gym as often as I planned to, did not clean up the food till this week... and now I'm wasting time and blogging words on regret: how dumb is that? Also the fact that I have to do laundry and the laundry room in my apartment building is under repair and closed till at least Tuesday. The last cs was back in Oct 05, and I am not going to whine over one per year, as annoying as it is, when I have relatives with serious ailments going in and out of hospital. I realise scientists are busy with cancer and heart disease and such, but can some enterprising genius invent a one day single dose cure for these? It would be a cash cow, considering that by age 50, 80%-90% of the population carries the virus that causes them.


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