Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Planning Ahead

Remember how I missed UFC65 because my students were playing basketball that night, and by the time I got to the sports bar they weren't letting any more people in? The next fight is on Dec 30, and planning ahead, I went onto the web site to look for places showing it in my area. Turns out the only place close to me is a H00ters. Perusing their menu I see that they have some things that could be customized to approximate clean eating. I'd like a Liddell victory, btw, for two irrational reasons: one, he's the older of the two fighters, two, he's better looking. :-)

My voice is getting stronger, but so is the cough. Not sure this is an improvment.

Today was the last day of work before the winter break. Of course I will be back at work tomorrow; I intend to use the peace and quiet to do some uninterrupted grading; I have a nice pile of fresh end-of-semester exams I need to grade.

Grading will be followed by energetic filing and cleaning of desk. I am not impressed with the amount of paper on my desk. One of my goals for next semester is to utilize the school web site for content delivery as much as possible, and always have at least a week's worth of upcoming lessons on there so that my students know what's coming.

The important thing is to stay busy. I absoluely cannot slip into lazy mode during this break, no matter how much I want to put my feet up and watch Zatoichi yet again.


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