Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Laptop's Back and There's Gonna Be Work Done

My laptop's back! Yay Apple. Not only did they replace the dead hard drive, but in with lovely attention to detail, they cleaned the screen, cleaned the keyboard, replaced the screw that was missing in the bottom corner of the screen, and replaced the rubber foot that was missing from the underside of the machine so that it no longer wobbles. I appreciate all this stuff because I used to work in customer service. If I had any music to load on it I'd go buy an iPod. I stayed at the store long enough to download all the assorted security updates and system updates I needed, and then went home and re-installed my software.

Two more days of work and then "break". Which is in quotes because this "break" will include grading and lesson planning and assignment design and other things I have in mind to make sure that my second semester flows more smoothly than my first one. First on my to do list is making full use of all the online tools available to me and my students. I am going to be a much more efficient teacher this time around. I'll have one new course to teach, the rest are continuations of the ones I taught first semester.

Voice is sort-of-back; a raspy variation that sounds like it might disappear at any moment.

"Break" will also include intensive exercise. I'm going to get my gym session back on track and my nutrition back on track so that I hit the ground running when I go back to work on Jan 2.


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