Sunday, December 03, 2006

Grocery Shopping and a Second Chance at High School Sports

A good article about the efficiencies and inefficiencies of grocery shopping:
Contrary to popular belief, shoppers don't tend to systematically go up and down aisles. Instead, they make short treks into aisles to get what they need, and then return to the perimeter of the store. Also, shoppers prefer to move counter clockwise around a store and typically speed up their shopping as they get close to the checkout.
Last night I went to watch the girls and boys teams play basketball. It's a fun way to spend a Saturday evening, and I always learn something new about my amazing students when I watch them play sports. There's the one who is incredibly tenacious about every rebound, and the one who has the most remarkable body awareness and can regain balance from every improbable position into which he extends himself. There's the one who leads by loudly exhorting teammates and the one who leads by example. The one who plays with assurance and the one who plays with a wide-eyed wonder.

I absolutely love it. I never played sports when I was in high school; too unfit, too shy, too uncoordinated, too whatever. Changing to a teaching career means I get a second chance to enjoy high school sports. It's probably the only time in my life I'll get to see basketball (or, a few months back, soccer) from floor (field) level seats. :-) I get nervous about every missed basket or rebound, even when the teams have very large leads. For example, we're leading by 11 points and I'm thinking "they could overtake us if they scored four three pointers in a row in the next minute".

The girls play first, followed by the boys, and it annoys me that some people don't bother to show up for the girls' game. Hello? Support begins with your feet, not your wallet. Because I teach at a private school, the teams play against other teams from private or religious schools and also against teams of homeschooled kids. It means that there are kids playing who wouldn't get a chance to play at public school. It also means that sportsmanlike behaviour is the norm rather than the exception. (This was on my mind because the last time I watched pro basketball on the tv the thing that stuck with me was the whininess of the players. There's a reason I prefer to watch smaller sports - powerlifting, mma, wsm, shooting - rather than pro sports, and it comes down to the attitude of the athletes.) I've had a parent tell me that their kid is in the school because they would never get a chance to play elsewhere. Opportunities for competitive sports experience is something I never considered as a motivation for a parent to send their child to a non-public school.

I'm told that there's a faculty-students basketball game around spring break. If I started training now maybe I could make the faculty team? I haven't handled a basketball in years.

Off I go to find a present for a baby shower. The shower is from 2:00pm to 4:00pm, and when I rsvp'd I forgot that the gym is only open from noon-5pm today. I'm going to try to squish in the deadlift workout before then, although I am so sore from yesterday's squats that another day of recovery would not be a bad idea.


At 5:12 PM , Blogger M@rla said...

I'd never thought about that aisle thing, but of course I DON'T go on every aisle, just the ones I need. I always shop from a list, so I'm an in-and-out person: I know where everything is and can zip through quickly. I only browse in the meat and produce departments because I look to see what's on sale.

I also talk to myself A LOT in the supermarket, and it's no wonder people veer away from me.


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