Tuesday, December 26, 2006

2000 Seconds

The voice is still raspy, which makes me worry that I did some damage to it by insisting on teaching while I didn't have a voice.

Got Enter the Dragon from the library and watched it on my laptop. Anyone else think that Bolo Yeung looked better in Bloodsport (1988, aged 50) than he did in Enter the Dragon (1973, aged 35)? Gives me hope, I tell you. :-)

Spent Sunday at work and went back Monday morning to finish up the grades for my 10th, 11th and 12th graders. This leaves only 6th and 7th grade to do. The building was closed, of course, but that means no distractions, peace and quiet. Well, sort of quiet; I had the soundtrack to Kill Bill II on. As I worked I figured out some things I could do with my rubrics to streamline the process.

I was thinking the other night how my idea of non-clean eating has transformed over the years, from an entire container of Haagen-Daaz and a baguette slathered in butter at a sitting, I now call it a cheat meal when I go out for a breakfast of scrambled EggBeaters and pancakes... M@rla said something similar earlier this month: isn't that pathetic? Even my debaucheries are like regular people's healthy eating—Fish soup and vegetables.

Via this post at View from the Porch I learned of a book called The Weapon by Michael Z. Williamson. Got to the second chapter and found this quote on the subject of fitness and strength:
Do you want to know how that type of prowess is achieved? It's very simple. You have to want it. Hurt for 2000 seconds every morning, and you'll be this strong within a year or two. That's all it takes. Or is that bowl of pseudofood you're munching while you read more important to you?


At 3:26 PM , Blogger M@rla said...

And the cioppino was delicous. I got the recipe here, but doctored it up a bit. It needed ground pepper and hot sauce, which are not in the original recipe. We did buy Ben and Jerry's ice cream for dessert but forgot to eat it. It's still in the freezer.

(Did you hear that?? FORGOT TO EAT IT. Someone has snuck in during the night and replaced my brain with that of a stranger's. A non-human stranger's.)

Planning to start PN on January 1. Will let you know how it goes. I can tell you that most of the info is available free on his website and in his newsletter, so if you just start with the Ten Habits of Effective Eating, you're most of the way there.

Bogger has currrently screwed me, with regard to not translating either of my old blogs in blogger beta - I guess I'll probably just start a new one in January, I'll let you know the url as soon as I do.


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