Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wishful Thinking

I wished for a good gym that would remind me of the gym back in Jerusalem, and I found one.
I wished for a heavy bag, and the gym owner hung up a heavy bag within 24 hours of my joining the gym.
I was standing in the locker room last week wishing that the lockers were numbered so that I could remember which one was mine. I came back to discover that the lockers now have little number tags on them.

I ordered Ross Enamait's book Never Gymless last week, and it arrived much faster than I expected. I've been reading it and taking notes. From my preliminary reading I'd say it is money very well spent. I've decided to get serious about building a fitness library, and I started with this one because I've enjoyed the articles on his site. The last one I read had to do with using the heavy bag as a de-stressor, which is exactly what I was doing last week. This quote made me smile: "Do not try to kill the bag. Odds are that the bag will always win anyway." --(Bresnahan, 2003).

I got a manicure and pedicure at the spa next to the gym. OPI has a new colour which I love, and which I think will be my colour for the coming winter. It's called Music Hall Curtain Call and it's a multi-hued copper.

Via one of the comment threads at CrossFit I found performance standards charts at Exrx. Here is bench, squat and dead. I'm going to print them out, highlight the advanced numbers for the 123 weight class and hang them up by my desk. That's the goal area for me between now and July 2007.

I went to watch the boys' and girls' basketball teams play last night. Both of them won by very lopsided scores. I was really impressed by the boisterous cheering of the boys for the girls and the girls for the boys. My students may be squirrelly at times, but on the whole they are sweet and decent young people who are going to be great adults. Makes one want to get married and have 4-6 kidlets asap. After the games ended I headed to a local sports bar hoping to catch UFC 65 (link has spoilers), but when I got there the nice woman at the door told me that they weren't letting any more people in because the room was at capacity, and they couldn't make any exceptions because the fire marshall was standing right there. Oh well, given the choice between UFC and my students playing basketball I'll go for the latter. As long as they win, of course. :-)


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