Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow Days Are Less Useful When You Have No Laptop

I miss my powerbook. The guy at tech support agreed that a hd should not take 66 hours to zero out, and now I need to decide if to mail my laptop to them or take it to a local service provider.

No school today due to inclement weather, so I am using the time to run around and do things I never have enough time to do. It's not really a snow day, more of an "ice storm yesterday lousy driving conditions today" day. I got a call from one of my colleagues at 6:30am telling me that we were closed, and after I called the next person on the calling tree I had breakfast and headed out. First stop, ATM to get money. Second stop, KMart (because they open at 7:00am) for an ice scraper and windshield de-icer. Yesterday afternoon one of my colleagues lent me his ice scraper or there's no way I would have made it out of the parking lot. So I bought two ice scrapers; if someone loses theirs I'll have a spare to lend them. I would have stood there in my inadequate dress shoes, toes freezing off, chipping away at the wind shield with my driver's license card... A gentleman whom I do not know got out of his car and scraped the ice off my front windshield for me. I have to find out who that was so I can say thank you.

They're predicting 6-12 inches of snow for this afternoon and tonight, but one of the guys at the cafe where I'm blogging this just said that this was downgraded to 1-3 inches of snow. Who knows. In any case, I want to get to the gym today before the snow starts. I went in on Tuesday night and spent 45 minutes with a trainer learning to do a clean. What a sweet exercise!

Nutrition has been wobbly since Saturday. On the bright side, I took a thermos of unsweetened green tea to work with me yesterday and drank all of it during the day. I also have a second water bottle now, so I don't have to go to the water fountain four times during the day to refill. One trip in the morning, one trip at lunch. Sounds silly but if the water, veggies, whatever aren't close at hand it is so easy to "forget" about them. (See this post for a full disclosure notice regarding the link in this paragraph.)


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