Sunday, September 03, 2006

My Faintly Exciting Life

This week I fainted at work. It was a shock to me too, since I had never before fainted in my life. I was in class talking to my students when their voices started getting farther and farther away, as if I was hearing them through a filter. I said to them that I was feeling a little dizzy, and that they should keep themselves occupied for a few minutes while I stepped outside. I started walking towards the door of my classroom, and that's the last thing I remember.

I came to outside my classroom, covered in cold sweat, with two of my colleagues hovering over me looking very concerned, and several other colleagues standing nearby. As my colleague tells it, he had just come out into the corridor and saw me at the door of my classroom looking wobbly. I asked him if he would sub for me for half an hour, then my eyes rolled back and I started sinking. He caught me and lowered me to the floor. Now, not only do I have no memory of speaking to him, I have no memory of seeing him or of getting to the door. But I'm pleased that even in that condition I was thinking about my students. :-)

The school nurse came by, took my pulse and put a wet towel on the back of my neck. Eventually I made it to my feet and then to the nurse's office (accompanied, of course). I drank some water and warm sprite and rested there for awhile. The nurse said it could be a virus, and regaled me with tales of how white I was when she saw me. (As a proverbial sheet, apparently.) I don't know what caused the fainting, but I suspect that it was a result of working 12 & 13 hour days in a row with only 3-4 hours of sleep per night and almost no water consumption. Eventually I went home, drank 2 litres of water, and slept for about 16 hours straight. My colleagues took over my remaining classes that day.

The next day I brought my rescuer a bottle of wine and thank you cards to everyone that subbed for me. I also made sure to eat a larger breakfast and second breakfast, and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Four weeks and no SSN. I talked to the SS office and they said they hadn't heard back from Immigration yet.

More shopping today: I took advantage of the Labor Day sales and got a food processor and two very discounted suits. The former should help my veggie consumption, and the latter is just my idea of how teachers should dress. I've decided that I'm only buying suits from now on, no more separates.

Still no car or gym membership. I'm wary about buying a car before the SSN comes. I'm very fond of the xA, but it is not sold in Canada, and if I have to go back to Canada I can't get support for it there. As for gyms, I looked at another one, but they had no membership coordinator around to give me prices and contract details. The more I look around my furniture-free living room, the more I think it would make a great gym. Cheaper than buying sofas and a coffee table, too. I'd just have to make sure to position the power cage out of range of the ceiling fan.


At 6:37 PM , Blogger NicoleW said...

Oh goodness. I hope you're feeling better! I've had a couple of those lights-out-nobody's-home fainting episodes (both due to my extreme squeamishness in doctor offices), and they can be really distressing.

At 10:14 PM , Blogger chavaleh said...

yikes. Drink water! You're not in kansas anymore, toto!! oh, wait, yes you are...

At 5:51 AM , Blogger Scott said...

Yep, lack of water is a likely culprit.

As for the idea of a home gym, sounds great. Apart from anything else, it's just convenient.

At 8:12 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

Wow! I'm glad it was just overwork and dehydration, and not that you are... you know... PREGNANT! I've never known a pregnant woman to faint, but in the movies that's always a sure sign.

At 8:25 PM , Blogger Bud said...

Yeah, don't forget to take care of yourself. It sounds like you had been driving too hard.

At 4:09 PM , Anonymous juliamazal said...

Fetch the smelling salts! I always knew you were from the past. That work ethic. The sturdy moral compass... figures.


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