Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Here Already

Seems I can have my exercise butt in gear or my nutritional butt in gear, but not both at the same time. This week was another good week, nutrition-wise. Lots of spinach and some broccoli, cottage cheese, tuna, and egg white omelettes. I found an Indian food store near my home and bought different types of lentils and spice blends with an eye to making some curries. Water could be better. Weight dropped again.

Two people at work made comments about the size of my lunch box. It is about three times the size of a normal lunch box. I usually say something to the effect of "Yes, I need a lot of food to reach my goals" or "Yes, it has to hold second breakfast, first lunch and second lunch".

I visited another gym this week. No progess on that front.

Very busy at work. Lower school open house last week, upper school open house this week, which means another evening on the schedule that I can't use for car shopping.

Still no car, but since the last update I test drove the Chevy Cobalt, the Chevy Aveo and the Scion xA for the second time. The latter two are my favorites so far. The Hyundai dealer is not open on Sundays; I only have the Accent remaining to test drive.

Bought a screwdriver so that I could actually assemble the desk and bookcase I bought last week. The instructions say something about it being "a fun and rewarding project". We'll see.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Bought a scale last week. Stepped on scale this morning. Result: 63.2Kg/139.3lbs. Under normal circumstances I'd be pleased with seeing the 130s, but I was just annoyed with the fact that I've let myself veg and lose muscle since I got here.

Checked out the 24 Hr Fitness next to work today. It's very big and rather pricey ($45/month) but they have a power cage. They also have dip bars, so I tried one. It's disgusting how much strength I've lost. I could do multiple sets of these when I left Jerusalem. Grrr.

Another note on perspective: I went to get a rental car, was hoping for a little Hyundai Accent so I could have an extended test drive. Smallest thing they had was a Sonata (big), and when the Sonata had a flat tire an hour later (thank God I wasn't on the highway), I went back and they gave me a Tucson (suv-ish). Under normal circumstances I'd be pleased to get a roomier car, but I was just annoyed about the missed test drive opportunity.

Also went to a support-Israel rally at the local synagogue this afternoon. It was very sweet. Lots of prayers for peace and enthusiastic singing. It was also my first experience in singing the Star Spangled Banner with a large crowd. Nice.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Car Blues

Still no car. The Fit is not available until October due to massive demand. The Yaris was not comfortable at all. Whose stupid idea was it to put the speedometer in the center of the dashboard instead of on the driver's side? So now I'm looking at other cars. I'm going to test drive the Hyundai Accent early next week. My furniture budget is going towards car rentals; one of my colleagues is giving me a ride to and from work today and tomorrow, and on Sunday I get another rental.

The SSN has yet to arrive, and I don't get paid until it does. Maybe this no furniture thing could catch on. I do have a chair and a printer. The printer is sitting on the box in which it came. The next priority after a car is is a desk and a deskchair.

Exercise has been non-existent. Nutrition is clean, except I'm eating too many of these.I've really dropped the ball on water consumption, but that should improve as I get into a routine at work. I do bring food with me and I'm not buying anything at work. God knows what I'll be able to lift when I finally get into a gym, probably the bar. I'm morphing into a slug. Oy. A squat rack, a squat rack, my kingdm for a squat rack...

Friday, August 11, 2006


Settling in to Kansas. I moved into an apartment this week and started work the following day. :-) No furniture to speak of yet. I bought an airbed so that I have something to sleep on while I'm deciding what furniture I want. When I moved out during university, I made the mistake of buying too much furniture too fast, all of which I grew to dislike. So this time I'm taking my time and not buying anything I don't absolutely love. My colleagues at work tell me the garage sales here are amazing, so I plan to look around at those and see what I find. One of the local synagogues is having one next week.

The next item on the agenda is buying a car, since my rental ends next week. One of my colleagues has offered to give me a ride to and from school once the rental ends, but I don't want to take advantage of this for longer than absolutely necessary. Also, the sooner I have a car the sooner I get my butt into a gym. Budget dictates something along the size of the Yaris or Fit. Suggestions are welcome.

No gym yet, which is frustrating, but no furniture = lots of space to exercise at home. There's a walking/biking trail next to my new home, and I plan to make use of it as soon as the heat eases off. Home is a haven of good nutrition, which is a good thing because work is emphatically not. I'd forgotten how much garbage food is around at work. I asked the athletic director of the school if he can suggest a powerlifting friendly gym, and he made inquiries and came up with some that is (I kid you not) Russian owned. As soon as I have a car I will check it out. There is also a gym close to my home but it is surprisingly expensive, $65 per month which seems high to me. I have yet to check out the 24 Fitness locations near work.

No internet access at home yet - I am blogging this from a Panera Bread location that has free wifi.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


On the other hand, I could start blogging again the next day...

Instead of taking 40 minutes to get from the airport to my host's home, I took two hours. The friendly people at the car rental place told me to take the highway around the city, and then take a particular exit. Only problem was, the exit hasn't been built yet, they're building it now. So after a slight detour into Missouri and new directions from a salesperson at a drugstore, I made my way back to Kansas.

Went to the Social Security office to apply for a number so that my new employer can pay me, and was told that it will take four weeks. Yikes. I'll just live on egg whites and oats till then.

I'm hoping to move into an apartment tomorrow. My hosts, bless them, have invited me to stay through the weekend, so it's not like I have to pitch a tent on the banks of the Kansas river.

Today was a fast day on the Jewish calendar, so no training and no nutrition to report.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Good Bad Ugly

The good: nutrition has been mostly clean. The bad: no gym since Saturday. The ugly: looks like the apartment I had planned to rent in KC will not happen. Chalk this up to stupidity of management office; they've had my application for over a week, and only today, after several phone calls from me, do they deign to a. look at the copious documentation I sent them and b. tell me that because I am Canadian I have to give them a security deposit of $822 (about 10x the regular security deposit).

I'm flying out tomorrow so there will likely be no blogging till after Sunday.