Friday, July 14, 2006

Squats and Boxing

About the war: start with this post at Treppenwitz and then go to Yourish and just scroll and read.

After I said that I haven't cut a workout short in a year, I had to cut one short on Wednesday night. I did half of my back session, the negative pullups and the lat pulldowns, then had an important phone call and had to skedaddle. But I did the other half of the session - the db rows and bicep cable curls - on Thursday morning, then came back to the gym on Thursday night for the squat session. Not sure if I would have done that if I wasn't a week away from leaving the gym, but having done it, there's something to be said for two sessions (or one and a half sessions) a day. :-)

Squats on Thursday:
4 x 30 Kg / 66.1 lbs
4 x 47.5 Kg / 102.5 lbs
5 x 60 Kg / 132.3 lbs
5 x 60 Kg / 132.3 lbs
5 x 50 Kg / 110.2 lbs
4 x 30 Kg/ 66.1 lbs

I have missed Toronto. I was reading the Stumptous July rant and my first thought upon seeing the pictures was: awwww, is that Bloor Street East? Or is that Church Street? followed by awwww, is that Yonge Street? My second thought was, nice arms.

I was reading this T-Nation thread about "top 5 live action superbabes" (their title, not mine), which set me to thinking about which female actors in action films had bodies that I found aesthetically inspiring. The first four that came to mind were:
1. Demi Moore in G.I. Jane
2. Jessica Biel in Blade: Trinity
3. Linda Hamilton in T2: Judgement Day
4. Hilary Swank in Million $ Baby
Any other suggestions?
I realise these women had access to personal trainers and the motivation of a paycheck, but I don't think that diminishes their hard work in the slightest.

Boxing this morning: spent entire class working the heavy bag, trying to get a straight left, left hook, straight right combination down. There were also some rope skipping drills at the end. It was nice for a change of pace, but I missed the partner work. I was having timing issues. Coach said I was pushing the bag rather than hitting it, and that I was standing too close to it. I think I got the distance part down by the end of the class, but the punches have to be faster.


At 3:39 PM , Blogger turbotortoise said...

Hey Mich,

Yep, that's an awesome rant this month by Krista. :-) She really captured the essence of the newbie experience with the Newsgirls.

That's the boxing club I belong to! What a fabulous group of gals...I recommend boxing with them to all the women in my life, 'though most of them react the same way the woman in her story did.

I'm going to check out her Mistress Sunday event this weekend.

I'm not in either of those photos, but I did march that day, and had a blast.

The first photo is us just getting started, heading north on Church St, at Hayden, approaching Bloor.

The second photo is when we were heading south on Yonge, about a block or so south of Bloor.

If you ever make your way back to Toronto, you'll have to pop by the gym, or to one of the Stumptuous events.

At 3:14 AM , Blogger Mich said...

Turbotortoise - I'm not going to be in TO long enough to do a Mistress Sunday, unfortunately. I have one week to get my stuff together and head off to Kansas; their school year starts early. But I hope to have enough time to check out the boxing club.

At 8:38 AM , Blogger turbotortoise said...

That would be awesome! I usually go to the early class on both Sat. and Sun., so maybe I'll see you there!


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