Monday, July 17, 2006

A Respectable Weight

Deadlifts on Sunday
4 x 37.5 Kg / 82.7 lbs
4 x 60 Kg / 132.3 lbs
5 x 75 Kg / 165.3 lbs One of the guys from boxing class was working out at the same time, and he looked over at the rack and said "That's a respectable weight for..." He was going to say 'for a girl' but I think he re-added up the weight and decided not to say it. I think he was more impressed by the grip than the weight, actually. He asked me if I don't use straps when lifting.
5 x 67.5 Kg / 148.8 lbs
5 x 60 Kg / 132.3 lbs
4 x 37.5 Kg / 82.7 lbs

This being my last week in Israel, it involves many goodbye lunches, dinners and coffee meetings. After the session I went out to dinner with my schoolmate Y at Coffeeshop on Azza Street. CoffeeShop is directly across the street from Cafe Atara. Y pointed out to me that Atara is a favourite location for 'shidduch dates'. Meaning, a place for an Orthodox man and woman who have been suggested to each other by a matchmaker (shadchan) to go for a date. In this case a date means a meeting to determine if the other party has marriage partner potential. I never realised the cafe had this cachet, but Y was right. While we were sitting there we spotted some couples on the street who were obviously on 'shidduch dates'.

A bombing thwarted in Jerusalem this morning.

A cartoon about disproportionate response.

World Pride is going to take place in Jerusalem on August 10. There has been opposition from certain religious quarters and support from others. Some of the ultra-Orthodox discourse has been very ugly. I'll just say that gay Israelis fought for the right to serve in the IDF and defend this country, while the ultra-Orthodox avoid military service in favor of life-long study. Makes it really easy to choose sides.


At 11:08 AM , Anonymous Bud Gibson said...

Interesting cartoon. You know, it's been 58 years since the founding of Israel. I wonder if this will be another 100 years war.

At 7:58 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

I'm sad for you leaving Israel and saying goodbye to friends, especially at this particular time.


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