Friday, July 07, 2006

January Pull Up and Boxing Dialogue

First, I need to point out that Wednesday's post was actually posted on Thursday. I had started a draft on Wednesday, came back to it on Thursday, and forgot that when I hit Publish it would publish with Wednesday's date.

Scapula, Meet Scapula: Last night I was doing negative pull-ups with a four count on the way down, and man-in-charge told me to concentrate on pulling my scapulae together as I'm doing the movement. Tried it. Not as easy as it sounds. I got it right on one of them, and spent the rest of the reps trying to recapture that movement. But it's progress, and now I have a new midway goal to work towards. It's strange, because on the rep where I got it the whole thing was much easier. It was like tapping into a hidden strength reserve. Later on in the session man-in-charge told me that my dips are almost 100% right now, and if I were around for a couple more months I'd be doing them weighted. As far as a pull-up, he predicts it will take six months. The interesting thing is that I wasn't disappointed when he said that, I was pleased. First, because I trust his judgement on all matters gym, and if he says six months then I figure I can already book the pull-up party for January. Second, because when he says pull up he means a perfect, from a dead hang, smooth up, smooth down pronated grip pull-up, which is what I'm imagining every time I do one of the negatives.

Boxing: Great session this morning. I got to do partner work with four different guys. The hook is improving, although still inconsistent. I'll get a few right and then stiffen up again. The handwrapping is improving too. Today was the first time I felt that I got the tightness just right. One of the drills we practiced was active and passive defense. Active meaning you duck under the punch, passive meaning you deflect and or take it on your forearms. One of the guys was holding back too much (they're all holding back at this point, me being a. newbie and b. shortest.) I need to tell him that if he gets a punch in while I'm supposed to be defending then it's my responsiblity, not his. There was good dialogue, too.

Guy 1: "You're stiff, like you're scared to hit me."
Me: "I'm not used to it. I don't hit people on a regular basis."
Guy 1: "Not yet. But just flow with it and see what happens."

Middle of class:
Guy 2: "You're not sweating," (subtext: must not be working hard enough)
Me: "I'm wearing navy blue, so you can't tell." (for the record, I sweat like a horse and the shirt is soaked.)
End of class, post skipping rope drills:
Guy 3: "See, she is sweating,"
Guy 2: "That's from the rope skipping,"
Me: "Look, if you worked out six times a week it would take a lot to make you sweat too."

Counting: A few days ago I told the guy at the front desk that I only had twenty days left in Israel. So now every time I come in he gives me a count when I come in and a count when I leave. Last night he greeted me with, "17 days" and when I left he said "16 days". "Are you counting the days till I leave?" I asked. "Yes," he says, "And then we'll start counting the days until you come back." God I love this place :-)


At 8:17 PM , Blogger turbotortoise said...

Hey Mich, I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog! I try to take a peek in here every day.
I especially love the boxing stuff, since I've been going to a women's boxing gym in Toronto for a couple of months.

I soooo get the blocking stuff. We started doing passive blocking about 2 weeks ago, or so. It's tough! I keep dropping my arms, and also have to reassure my partner that they're not doing anything wrong. I need to work on it, and keep them up, or pay the price! (So far, I've popped myself in the nose/eye 4 or 5 times! )

Please keep up the progress reports, when you return to North America. I love hearing about your pull-up progress. It's something I aspire to, but I need to lose some weight first, I think. Well, and do the hard work!

At 8:54 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

Interesting about the scapulae - sometimes you can FEEL when the thing is working right. Not that I've ever done pull-ups, but I recognize the phenomenon.

Man in charge is so cool, I hate for you to leave him. Maybe you can email with him, send him little movies of yourself so he can make suggestions!


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