Sunday, July 09, 2006

Here and There

I'm running around today trying to get several things done and not quite succeeding. I went downtown, got packing tape, now going to get some veggies from the pricier-but-closer greengrocer. I hope to get at least two boxes packed tonight before I go train, and I intend to take them to the post office tomorrow morning and mail them with a great sense of accomplishment.

Back on July 4, Scott at Straight to the Bar linked an Alwyn Cosgrove interview that I've since read twice. This quote stayed with me: "The key mistake we’ve made and continue to make is using steady state aerobic exercise and caloric deprivation as the cornerstone of our fat loss programming. Its ass backward and just doesn’t pan out in reality."

The fact that the majority of the weight loss blogs I link are authored by women and the majority of the lifting blogs I link are authored by men is not evidence of a conspiracy. If I happen to visit a blog AND I find it interesting AND I repeat the process AND I remember to link it, then I link it. There are indeed weight loss blogs by men, and if you go to Twice the Man, he has over thirty of them linked.

I like people who footnote. :-) Via this article at I found my way to Randy LaHaie's self defense blog, which had some interesting reading.

There's a Golda Meir quote which says that Zionism and pessimism are not compatible. Sometimes I think that feminism and pessimism are not compatible either. You need to be optimistic, and not allow the morons of the world to keep you down. And there are a lot of them: from those who force feed girls in Mauritania, to those that burn them in Cameroon (the first link I got awhile back, the second link I found at View from the Porch).


At 9:46 AM , Blogger Scott said...

That's the first I've heard about the Saharan force-feeding - terrible, and certainly not something you'd expect. From the sound of it, the girls are/were treated much worse than geese (no torture involved there).

At 3:58 AM , Blogger Mich said...

There's a saying that I keep going back to; never attribute to malice what can be attributed to stupidity (Napoleon, I think). But sometimes I wonder...

At 11:16 PM , Anonymous Bud Gibson said...

As Nancy and I embark on our weight training regimen, I note that all advanced books are targeted toward men. Women might be pictured, but with a few exceptions, the advice is really based on a male performance profile. Actually, some links from your site have been helpful in tracking women's progress.

One thing I'll note though is that I think weight is a more abiding concern among women.


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