Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Five Past Midnight

And I'm at Cafe Rehavia at the corner of Aza and Radak Streets, working on my laptop, looking at Kansas apartment options. Today I went to Pardes to clean out my locker, then went to the bank to check that they closed my accounts as I requested yesterday. (They didn't but said they would do it today. I love many things about Israel. The banking system isn't one of them.)

Speaking of things I love about Israel: I was watching tv the other day, and the ticker at the bottom of the screen had the names and phone numbers of families from the middle and southern parts of Israel who were opening their homes to host those families who were coming from the north of Israel to escape the shelling. Families they didn't know.

Went to the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall and bought myself a raw silk challah (bread) cover (like these, but the prices on Ben Yehuda are much better). Also got a suncatcher with an artistic representation of Jerusalem, and a present for my sister. Went home, continued the sorting/packing/cleaning process.

Yesterday was my next to last boxing class. Worked the heavy bag for most of the class, trying to figure out the correct distance so that when I move forward and punch, my hand is extended and does not hit the target half bent. The problem is that moving forward with a punch requires hand+foot+eye coordination, which is not one of those things I have in abundance.

Tonight (last night, at this point) I went to the gym and had my last Day II: Back workout. Felt strong on all the negative pullups. The pulldowns that followed were smooth too.

Everything I do now is "the last". The last Back workout in Jerusalem, the last loaf of rye bread I buy in Jerusalem, it's depressing.

In happier news, both pilot and navigator managed to eject from a fighter jet before it crashed, thank goodness.


At 5:03 AM , Blogger JuliaMazal said...

None of those things are "The Last EVER" - just the last for now. Don't be depressed. Do get everyone's emails though - or at least, those you intend to really keep in touch with. Not just friends, but Man-in-Charge too. As a regular reader, I'll miss his bloggerly virtual presence.

On another note - yay, I get a present!!! :-P

At 9:01 AM , Blogger Scott said...

I second that. It's not that far away - no doubt you'll be back.


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