Tuesday, July 04, 2006

19 Days

Sitting at the La Cuisine bakeshop on Aza Street, listening to an episode of The Fitcast (#5, the one with the JB interview) and blogging via the UnwireJerusalem wireless network. We're not going to discuss the utter surrealism of writing fitness posts with a display case full of cakes and pastries in the background. Right now the bottom shelf has a chocolate truffle cake, a pear tart, an apricot tart and a pecan tart, just thought you'd like to know. :-)

19 days left for me in Israel. I spent this morning in the Hebrew U library and actually finished a paper. Another one bites the dust. Tomorrow morning at 8:30am I have an appointment with a professor and I need to finish a proposal for another paper by that time. It's only a couple of pages but it needs to be a very sharp no-BS piece because we are going to go over it word by word. I find it agonizing to write papers and to read my papers after I write them so I am not looking forward to this meeting. I don't like writing papers. If I had a choice between writing a three hour exam, giving an hour presentation to an audience of 50 people or more or writing a 10 page paper I'd choose the exam or presentation every time.

Back to the 8 rep microcycle this week. The negative pullups continue to improve. Man-in-charge told me to slow my descent from a three count to a four count, and it worked until the last work set when I was dropping quickly again.

Yesterday night's squats:
4 x 27.5 Kg / 60.6 lbs
4 x 44 Kg / 97 lbs
8 x 55 Kg / 121.3 lbs
8 x 45 Kg / 99.2 lbs I thought guy-in-charge dropped the weight far too much here, but I don't argue with coaches in the gym. If I could raise a single eyebrow a la Mr. Spock I would, but it's not one of my talents. Anyhow, there are always ways to make a squat set more difficult, just add a couple of seconds to the tempo or take it an inch or three lower.
8 x 45 Kg / 99.2 lbs
4 x 27.5 Kg/ 60.6 lbs

Tonight's boxing class was cancelled because coach is out of town, so the plan is to deadlift tonight instead.

Interesting stuff: The Cheapass Challenge is finally off the ground at Caustic Musings. I've been looking forward to reading this. It's going to be a source of motivation (in terms of dedication and organizational skills) when I'm back in the work world next month.

Happy 4th of July to Americans reading this!


At 9:33 AM , Anonymous Bud Gibson said...

The squats are looking great. My guess is that you could do a 1RM of 150.


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