Monday, June 26, 2006

New Shirts

Sunday was Day II: Back, and the negative pullups are definitely improving. All the sets were under control. Today was Day III: Quads and Other Things.
4 x 30 Kg / 66.1 lbs
4 x 47.5 Kg / 104.7 lbs
4 x 60 Kg / 132.3 lbs
4 x 60 Kg / 132.3 lbs
4 x 55 Kg / 121.3 lbs
4 x 30 Kg / 66.1 lbs

Both yesterday's and today's workouts were at unusual hours. Yesterday I went at 2pm; I had school in the morning and my evening was blocked due to a festive dinner honouring graduates at the university. To my surprise the dinner at the unversity was reasonably healthy: salmon and avocado to start, chicken breast with dried fruit as the main. Today was 8am as I planned to spend the rest of the day at the university.

TMI warning: I realised that I have several t-shirts I need to throw out, starting with the one I wore this morning. At a certain point, regardless of detergent and deodorant, the sweat gets embedded and the t-shirt qualifies as hazardous material. On the way back from university I stopped and picked up some new t-shirts (4 for 100NIS, or $25 CAD). Now I feel civilized again. :-)

To add stress to my life: my passport with the visa in it showed up today with an error in it. I really really hope I don't have to stand in line for three hours again to get it changed, and more importantly, that it can be changed before I leave.


At 4:13 PM , Anonymous Bud Gibson said...

Those squat numbers look great! You must be really proud of your progress.

We did squats today and are thinking about doing a squats clinic. We find our major issue to be loosening our hips.

At 4:54 PM , Blogger Mich said...

Thanks Bud! I'm happy rather than proud, and also excited about the prospect of lifting more and finding out what my limits are.

About the hips: take a look at Part IV of Krista's Learning the Squat and scroll down for stretches. Are you doing any dynamic stretches? For general information about stretching, JP Catanzaro has two articles on TNation: here and here. Good luck!


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