Monday, June 05, 2006

Last Night

Did day one of the new program yesterday. Weights always drop when starting a new program in order to make sure the technique is solid and that I'm comfortable with the exercise sequence.

Sunday June 5, 2006
Day I: Chest

Flat BP (supersetted with twist curls)
4 x 25/55.1
4 x 35/77.1
8 x 42.5/93.7
8 x 40/88.2
8 x 35/77.1
12 x 25/55.1 Oops. this was supposed to be a 4 rep set, but I was still thinking old program.
The flat bp was solid, shoulder wasn't complaining. It was nice to get back to flat after all the decline work. This was the first time I felt comfortable with the pronounced arch.

Dips (supersetted with stomach vaccuums)
4, 4, 8, 8, 8, 4
The dips are not at full depth yet, but I think there will be fast improvement on these. I like dips. They're like pullups and pushups; exercises I've always wanted to do, always felt a little envious of people who could do, and always believed that I couldn't consider myself fit unless I could do.

Single Arm Pec Deck (supersetted with 1 min cardio interval)
4 x 15/33.1
4 x 24/52.9
8 x 30/66.1
8 x 26/57.3
8 x 24/52.9
4 x 15/33.1

Seated Incline DB Presses (supersetted with 1 min cardio interval)
4 x 5/11
4 x 8/17.6
8 x 9/19.8
8 x 8/17.6
8 x 7/15.4
4 x 5/11
(single db weight)

Still took too long to get through everything. I think it is because I like being in the gym. It's a comfortable place for me, a safe place where I know what I'm doing and do it well, and I subconsciously prolong my time there. Or it could just be because I had to share the pec deck with two other people last night. :-)

Stopped at the tailor this morning to drop off a top for alterations. It's a top my sister bought for me awhile back; black with white and red swirls. It used to be too small on me, now it's too big. The sensible thing would be to give it away; I could probably buy a new top with what it costs to do the alterations. But I like it. I'm planning to wear it for my Pardes graduation on Thursday.

RSVP'ed in the affirmative for a classmate's wedding at the end of June. The wedding is on the same day as my consulate interview for a working visa, so I will either be really happy that evening or putting up a brave front while everyone else is partying.


At 7:34 PM , Blogger Potato Print said...

Hi Maspik Teruzim,
Sometimes I can't bring myself to read your blog because you are so disciplined and perfect. But I loved reading yesterday that you continue to struggle with the food-as-pacifier issue. I'm still a beginning weight trainer, so I can't quite vizualize your new program, but that's ok.
On the drive from Long Island to D.C. this weekend I listened to an audiobook called Walking the Bible. Fascinating and a bit annoying. I thought of the photos that you have posted. I will miss those when you leave. Anyway, keep up the great work.

At 2:37 AM , Blogger Mich said...

Disciplined and perfect? On which planet? :-)

I want to extend the intensity and focus I have in the gym to the rest of my life, but I am realistic enough to know that I'm not going to undo 25+ years of stupidity overnight. It's a process. (We're not all blessed with the single-mindedness of a Dave Tate when it comes to fixing our food habits.)

It's easier now that I've gotten the training to autopilot. Now I just have to do the same with my food.

And next year there'll be Kansas City photographs; I hear they have more fountains than Rome.


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