Friday, June 30, 2006


Another good class. I did a lot more moving around and even more sweating than the previous class, which I didn't think was possible. Perhaps it's the shirt; when you wear black you can't tell that the shirt is soaked. Today I was wearing blue, and you could...

Someone finally hit me; isn't that wonderful? :-) It was towards the end of the class; a light tap to the side of my head, which, believe me, is a far more effective way of convincing me to keep my hands up and my head protected than telling me "keep your hands up and your head protected". The hitter was the last guy I worked with during the class before we moved on to rope drills. The funny thing was that every time the coach said, A work with B, C work with D, he was "I'll work with her", because he wanted a bit of a break, but coach didn't assign him to me until the very end. At the end of the class coach says to him "She's doing fine, yes?" and guy grudgingly says, "When she relaxes she does". (Yes, it's still the shoulder issue. Look, my natural condition is stressed, I'm working on it.) Later the guy told me that when he started boxing, for the first couple of months he couldn't even raise his arms, the DOMS was that bad. My experience in the all-male boxing class is much like the description of the training workshop and the collegiality concept in Krista's March 2006 rant: "they didn’t care about “measuring up”; what mattered to them was giving it a shot."

I only have six classes left *sigh*: three Tuesdays, three Fridays. I liked the way the past week went and I'd like to keep this pattern for the foreseeable future: neg pull up day, squat day, box, deadlift day, bench day, box. It all depends on what I find when I get to Kansas, of course. The boxing days may have to morph into "another martial art" day. I'll discuss it with man-in-charge before I go. He's designing an "away" program for me, and he said I could always call him or fax him for advice. I need to figure out how to take video clips and put them online so that if I have form questions I can show him what the issue is.

Anyone out there looking for a shomer kashrut shabbat friendly housemate in KC as of Aug 2006?

Shabbat Shalom, and Happy Canada Day to the Canadians reading this. Have a great weekend, everyone. Here's hoping that by the time Shabbat ends, Gilad will be back with his family. If you don't know who Gilad is, go to Daniel Gordis' web site and read his June 30 dispatch.


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