Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Boxing Yesterday

Over at Charles Staley's blog he's looking for comments from women on intimidation and weight lifting. I left a comment there on June 26.

Boxing class yesterday afternoon. I made it home from the university, barely, by 4pm, ate and drank something quickly, and got to class at 5pm. I was a bit worried because it had been a hot day and I did not get in as much water as usual. If I had to summarize it in one sentence: the hook is progressing and the rope skipping is regressing. Seriously, it was a great class. I lucked out because one of the guys was feeling under the weather, and told coach that since he wasn't up to sparring, he'd work with me for the entire session. Huge opportunity for me because the guy knows what he's doing, and being under the weather was no barrier to providing a good target as well as useful commentary on my technique. Got home and worked on one of my papers for almost four hours, reading, making notes and creating a draft. Overall, a very productive evening and afternoon.

This morning I went to the consulate to straighten out the visa error. It took three hours but the main thing is that it is done. Now I'm at the university and planning on another productive paper-writing evening.


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