Saturday, May 06, 2006

Lileks on Eating Healthy

I like Lileks' May 3rd Bleat, even though I don't necessarily feel the same way. First, I don't think of myself as "thinnish" nor do I care to; I much prefer strong, or solid. Second, I don't miss the old days, the ones where a common post-gym activity was eating an entire container of Haagen-Dasz, and a common response to stress was downing an entire French baguette, one butter-drenched slice at a time. And third, I like eating clean. I look forward to veggies and fruit; of course it helps that Israeli veggies and fruit taste like veggies and fruit and not like styrofoam. I've already googled for farmer's markets in Kansas in preparation for the move. That said, the quote below still make me smile:
God, how I sometimes hate eating healthy. I could have made a low-carb low-fat Mexican meal, but what I really wanted was a plastic tray laden with Taco Bell, with the glutinous chili cheese chilito, a taco packed with glistening chopped Bossie, and one of those burritos as thick as a storm drain loaded with rice and refried beans – because frying them once is not enough – and rivers of quasi-real cheese product, all doused in a quart of liquid napalm, topped off with fried dough and a rafter-rattling belch.
I like being thinnish. I feel all high and holy living on carrots and spinach and apples and protein, but some days I think of the times in college when I would order a cheeseburger with a toasty bun, an order of fries that would have single-handedly staved off Irish famine-related emigration for a week, and a malt served in a glass stout enough to hold ten tulip stems, and I sigh.


At 2:53 PM , Blogger Scott said...

As much as I enjoy healthy eating, that quote made me hungry :)

At 7:46 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

Yum, that sounded delish! But I've found that I can't eat stuff like that anymore. It sounds good, it looks good (in its own way) but when I eat it, it does NOT taste good and it makes me feel like hell for two days. It's frustrating to have a craving, satisfy it, and then find out you're not satisfied at all!


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