Friday, May 05, 2006

Blue Plate Special

On Tuesday, the eve of Independence Day, I went to the gym and did Day IV; here's how the deads went:

Deadlifts; 1 min cardio interval b/w sets
6 x 30 Kg / 66.1 lbs
6 x 47.5 Kg / 88.2 lbs
6 x 60 Kg / 132.3 lbs. In my gym the 20Kg plates are blue, hence the title of this post. Yeah, I know, feeble attempt at humour. :-) It's also 92.7% of bodyweight.
6 x 55 Kg / 121.3 lbs
6 x 52.5Kg / 115.7 lbs
6 x 30Kg / 66.1 lbs
The rest of the session was fine too, except I missed the last rep of my max set of bicep curls. Man-in-charge said my elbows were a tad too far forward. Stupid form break. I'm blaming it on anticipating the deads.

That evening my chavruta (study partner) came over and we studied some Talmud together. Then I walked her back to her place, taking the opportunity to observe the people celebrating Independence Day. It was beautiful. I'm going to miss this when I'm back in North America.

Spent Wednesday relaxing, cleaning my room, doing homework, and watching the hilarious Israeli film Givat Halfon Eina Ona (Halfon Hill Doesn't Answer). Sha!, which is on hiatus, has a detailed explanation of the film and what makes it so great, which saves me the trouble of explaining it. Suffice it to say that the cable channel was nice enough to run the film both Tuesday and Wednesday, and I watched it both times. If this film is available on dvd I have to buy it before I leave Israel.

Back to school yesterday. Met a schoolmate for dinner at Tal Bagels on Emek Refaim, then grabbed a bus and rushed to the store to buy boxing gloves. I got there barely ten minutes before they closed as I took the bus one stop too far and had to run all the way back. I am now the proud owner of my first, (but not, I think, last) pair of 12 oz gloves. Took another bus home, then grabbed my bag and ran to the gym, where I began the 10 rep microcycle with Day I: Chest. The max set on the Decline BP was 10x 45Kg / 99.2lbs. It was a good session, but my pacing was atrocious. I can't afford to be in the gym for 1 hour and 45 minutes. I'm going to start timing each exercise to find out where I'm losing all my time. I'm puzzled, because I don't socialize in the gym so I can't blame the pace on that.

Back at the gym at 8:30am today for boxing class, with gloves. Much better. Rope skipping is also improving. Breakfast with a fellow blogger followed. Looking forward to a weekend of studying and maybe a little strolling around in the sunshine.


At 2:05 PM , Blogger Scott said...

Congrats on the deads. I hope this is the first of many Blue Plate Specials :)

At 2:26 PM , Blogger Mich said...

Thank you! I hope so too. I'd like to see the squats get there next.


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