Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Pesach

10 rep micro cycle is done. I did Day II (back) on Monday, Day III (squats) yesterday, and Day IV (deads) this morning. So when the gym re-opens on Friday it's back to Day I: Chest. The Monday session was good, but yesterday and today were tough. I think I've discovered the limit to the minimal sleep and inadequate nutrition thing.

Last night after the gym I went downtown to find a store with fax services (found one, on the corner of Agripas and King George), and by the time I got home it was close to midnight. I started on the last part of the pre-Pesach cleaning, and took down the last bag of garbage at 2:30am or so. I woke up at 8:10am, and my plan was to go out for breakfast, hit the gym and then go to the market. I hadn't realised that my current favourite place for breakfast had already closed down for Pesach. I went to a different restaurant instead, one that had elected to kasher their facilities for Pesach rather than close for the holiday. Got to the gym at 11ish and was done, deadlifts and all, at 12:30. I was so tired. I had an idiot moment at the beginning of the workout; turned around and walked right into the bar that was on the squat rack. Fortunately no one noticed, or if they did, they kept the snickering to themselves.

Gym was packed, of course, with everyone trying to get the last workout in before the holiday. I was sharing the rack with the really nice Anglo guy; the one who has no issues when we both unload and reload the bar between sets. Then I shared the ham curl machine with one of the teenagers. There are about six or seven of them that train regularly, and it is funny how much they talk between sets. They could probably lift 15% more weight if they didn't spend so much energy talking. This particular young man has made a pretty remarkable transformation from skinny to built. I think he's getting ready to start his army service and the training is so that he can go for an elite unit.

I was trying to work as fast as possible today because the gym was closing at 1:00pm and I had to allow time for a shower. I've never showered at the gym before as I don't like carrying extra stuff with me (towel, soap, shampoo, flipflops), but I had no choice. The apartment bathroom was being painted this morning and I didn't think it would be ready by the afternoon. It turned out fine. I was done in time, and the gym showers are actually very nice, spacious individual cubicles.

I hope that I don't fall asleep at the seder tonight. I don't think my hosts would be too impressed. The nice thing about Israel is that there is only one seder rather than two. I am so looking forward to the holiday tomorrow. I am going to sleep in, and then relax and read all day. Once in a while I'll bestir myself and get food. I bought rye and wholewheat matza yesterday and they are yummy.

Career decision made: Kansas it is. All I need now is a pair of ruby slippers and a dog named Toto. :-) However, the dogs I like don't really go with a name like Toto.

If you're celebrating it, have a great Pesach. If you are not, have a great week.


At 4:03 AM , Blogger JuliaMazal said...

Congrats on finishing the rep cycle.

Re: dogs - How 'bout the name "Total"... as in (wrestling announcer voice) TOTAL DESTRRRRUCTION!!!?


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