Thursday, April 20, 2006

Good Things Elsewhere

The gym was closed yesterday, because it was the last day of Pesach, so nothing new on the exercise front. Today I met my classmate E for breakfast at Cafe Hillel at 8:30am, and now I am taking a 10 minute (and only 10 minutes, really!) break from my day of studiousness at the university.

Lots of good stuff out there in the blogosphere:

Over at Reflected Thoughts there's a thoughtful piece on floundering and sabotage. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, more on the academic front than on the fitness front, but the concept is the same. For me, it still comes down to fear of heightened expectations. Once I start operating at the high level I am capable of, I will have no excuse to go below it. And, if I'm not putting in 100% effort, then I always have a ready-made excuse as to why I under-achieved. Can you say stupid? I knew you could. :-)

The part of my life where this is most evident is writing papers for university. Starting and finishing papers is a major challenge for me. Part of the problem is that I never like the finished product. This post at Academic Coach talks about the difficulties of the writing process, and there are good tips in the comments.

Back on March 10, Volokh Conspiracy had an analysis of the Mohammed cartoons. My favourite quote from this post: "I'm offended" cannot be justification enough, either in law or in manners, for the conclusion "therefore you must shut up."

And lastly, Capitalist Lion has a Guide to Buying Your Gal A Gun.


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