Thursday, April 27, 2006

Decline Bench Up Again

This post is dedicated to my classmate E, who, unlike the other dozen people who expressed interest in my gym, actually got up and joined it. Girl, you rock!

Gym was swamped tonight. Newbies galore, mostly focused and earnest. Also some newbies who are experieced lifters, just new to the gym. When I came in this evening I discovered the bar was missing from the decline bench. It was being used for sumo deads in the corner. I got a bar from one of the flat benches and got started.

Thursday, April 28, 2006
Day I: Chest

Decline Bench Press; stomach vacuums b/w sets
6 x 25Kg/55 lbs
6 x 40Kg/88.2 lbs
6 x 50Kg/110.2 lbs This is why I like the 6 rep microcycle. A new PR which is 77% of bodyweight :-)
6 x 45Kg/99.2 lbs
6 x 40Kg/88.2 lbs
12 x 25Kg/55 lbs

Single Arm Pec Deck Flyes; leg lifts off bench b/w sets
6 x 15/33
6 x 24/52.9
6 x 30/66.1
6 x 24/52.9
6 x 24/52.9
12 x 15/33

DB Incline Presses, palms facing each other; 1 min cardio interval b/w sets
6 x 8/17.6
6 x 12/26.5
6 x 12.5/27.6
6 x 12/26.5
6 x 10/22
12 x 7/15.4
Single db weight listed. I got a little distracted and started with the 8Kg dbs for the warmup set. I was supposed to go 6, 10 and 12, but instead went 8, 12 and 12.5

Incline Skull Crushers with Tricep Bar; 1 min cardio interval b/w sets
6 x 11.5/25.4
6 x 17.5/38.6
6 x 22.5/49.6
6 x 20/44.1
6 x 20/44.1
12 x 11.5/25.4

Stopped at the supermarket on the way home. They finally had 0.5%F cottage cheese back in stock. There had been a shortage since Pesach. Also bought fat free yogurt; the flavour selection of yogurt in Israel is amazing: I got pineapple, strawberry, rum raisin (these I stick in the freezer), coconut-banana, and mango.


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