Friday, April 07, 2006

Deadlifts, Decisions and Flowers

Yesterday was a busy day. My class had a field trip to Beth Hatefutsoth (lit. House of the Diaspora) Museum in Tel Aviv. The older I get the more I like this museum. In addition to the regular exhibit they had a special exhibit called Portraits of Jews 1975-1995. Unfortunately there was no catalogue or posters to buy; there were several photographs I really liked. I settled for four postcards, unrelated to the exhibit, that had portraits of Tunisian Jews. After the museum visit I opted to stay in Tel Aviv for the afternoon and have an early dinner with a cousin. I caught the 7pm bus to Jerusalem, made it to my apartment by 8:40pm, and at the gym by 9:05pm. I managed to fit in the entire workout (lying cable rows, upright rows, squats, lunges) and only missed the last minute of cardio.

Earlier this week I saw a sign around town that said that a flower market would take place at Liberty Bell Garden every Friday in April. So this morning, after having breakfast with a fellow blogger, we headed to the garden to see what it was all about. It was smaller than expected, but there were amusing things there, like a booth that sold wooden flamingo garden ornaments. The flowers were lovely and inexpensive. I bought two bunches of long stem white roses for 30 NIS ($7.50 CAD). I didn't take a picture of the roses, but I did take pictures of the gerberas.

After the garden detour I went home and got my gym stuff, and then headed to the gym. Squats had gone very well last night, and today was deads. I'm very pleased with the way this 6 rep microcycle went. Today's deadlift worksets were 6 x 57.5 Kg/126.8lbs (88.8% of bodyweight), 6 x 55 Kg/121.3lbs and 6 x 50 Kg/110.2lbs, with a minute of interval cardio between sets. By the time I get to the 6 rep microcyle again I expect I'll be doing 60 Kg, which I am looking forward to because I will finally be using the 20Kg plates. :-) Silly but it helps.

The workouts helped take my mind off a decision I need to make early next week. I have two job offers and I need to accept one and decline the other. They're very similar. It will likely come down to location and gut feeling. But I like both locations and my gut feeling may just turn out to be something I ate... I am not complaining; obviously having a choice about where to work next year is a wonderful thing, and I hope all my classmates are similarly blessed (several have already signed with schools.) It's just that I've never had two places want me at the same time.


At 1:46 PM , Blogger JuliaMazal said...

1) Nice pics!
2) You've never had two place want you at the same time 'cause you've never applied to two places at the same time.

That's my theory and I'm stickin' to it.

At 3:38 PM , Blogger Scott said...

They often have great portraits on show at the Joods Historisch Museum (Jewish Historical Museum), Amsterdam.

Their online catalog is really aimed at publishers, but it's great to look through.

And congrats on getting within reach of the 20kg plates. It makes quite a big psychological difference. Not to mention the fact that it just looks really good :)


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