Friday, April 21, 2006

Boxing and Decline BP at 73%

Woke up at 7:05am so that I'd have enough time for water and breakfast before I went to try the boxing class at 8:30am. It started late and it was a small class: the coach, four men and me. Three of the faces were familiar, as they also train late in the evening. The cardio wasn't even close to being a problem, I could have gone longer. I felt like singing, "hey, I think I'm in shape now", to the tune of "I think we're alone now"...

After the warmup and drills the men did partner work and I got the intro: hand positions, footwork (stay on your feet! forget you have heels!), moving backwards and forwards and side to side. I can't decide if I feel more comfortable with my right foot forward or my left foot forward. That's what comes from being right handed but left-eye dominant.

I had initially planned on doing my Day II session after the class, but the class worked my arms and shoulders to such an extent that I decided to leave it for Sunday. The woman who had suggested the class to me wasn't there, but I think she's on a business trip. I'm definitely taking this class again next Friday. I have to get my hands on a skipping rope before then.

Oh, and last night on the decline bench press, my max set was 7 x 47.5Kg/104.7lbs. :D


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