Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Regardless of any delays the shoulder issue might cause, I am going ahead with the plan to drop another 10-12 lbs to help the pullups become a reality. Today's weight was 64.7 Kg or 142.6lbs. I'm actually very pleased that with all the disruptions, I've stayed at the same weight for three full months and it was pretty effortless. I happen to think that one should build plateaus into one's weight loss efforts, just to give one's body a chance to get used to the new situation.


At 7:27 PM , Anonymous Bud Gibson said...

Nancy and I have been pursuing some weight loss goals lately. Are you maintaining weight at the cals that various formulae would suggest (like the one you have in one of your posts) or above or below? I'm about to finish the weight loss cycle I'm on, and I would like to get an idea as to how good those formulae are in terms of maintenance cals.

At 9:45 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

Interesting article, particularly about the bench pressing. I'm sure he's right that people use it incorrectly, the same way many people focus on biceps curls - you can achieve fast, visible results, but that's not the only gauge.

How do you think you injured the shoulder? Was it from doing the pull-up, or was that just when you first noticed it? I think Man in Charge was right to disallow you the bench presses the other day, here I am going to quote the article back at you: "...Suffice it to say that the overwhelming majority of lifters experience shoulder pain at some point during their time in the iron game. If something causes you pain, don’t do it."

Also I want to know if you have a specific method in mind for losing the 10-12 pounds.


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