Friday, March 24, 2006

One Summer Day

Beautiful warm day in Jerusalem today. 27C/80F. The rest of the week is going to be 15C/59F straight through, but it was nice while it lasted. Lots of security about: elections are on Tuesday and there are over 50 terror warnings. According to the news on the radio last week, 13 of the warnings are considered concrete. I wouldn't be surprised if the alert remains through the holidays. Pesach begins in two weeks and the terror groups would love a repeat of Pesach 2002. At my non-Hebrew U school we were advised to avoid buses and crowded areas till March 29, but I don't live my life that way, so I went to the market this afternoon (took the bus even though I usually walk) and got persimmons, Granny Smith apples, red peppers and strawberries.

Last night's session started off with the pullups. Scott had a good point about avoiding them, but I'm beginning to think that what's annoying my shoulder is not what I do in the gym, but what I do out of the gym, for example, working on my computer in a non-ergonomic position without taking breaks, or hunching over a book to study for hours at a time. Bud suggested glucosamine, and I will look into it.

It seemed to me that the pullups were better than last time, but I wanted empirical proof, so I asked man-in-charge how to note them in my log. He suggested bringing in a measuring tape and attaching it so it hangs down from the bar. Then I can note the distance I actually move upwards, until I am finally able to do full pullups. Nice and simple. He thinks it is doable within a few months. I didn't ask what "few" was. I'm just going to keep going until they happen. The shoulder was fine through the pullups and both sets of pull downs, but decided to make itself known on the cable wrist curls, so we experimented with different arm and hand positions until we found one that worked. Gym was very quiet. By mid-workout there were only two people left.

Woke up bright and early this morning, drank a litre of water before I left the house and went to the post office to pay a phone bill (not an error - you pay bills at the post office here). I then had a lovely breakfast with my former Maimonides study partner at a local cafe and was back in the gym at 11:00am this morning. In contrast to last night, the gym was swamped, and didn't quiet down till after 1:00pm. Again everything went well - cable rows, upright rows, squats, lunges. I had to wait a bit to get into the rack, but I didn't mind having a break between the upper and lower body work. Lunges are still not my favourite exercise, but I love the impact they have on my legs.

Mar!a asked if I have a specific method in mind for losing the 12 lbs. I'm going back to my old Nutrition post, and adjusting slightly. The Harris-Benedict formula for women (655 + [9.6 X weight in kg] + [1.8 X height in cm] - [4.7 X age in years]) gives me a BMR of 1400. I then use the 1.2 activity factor (sedentary) to get 1677 calories needed per day. So I plan to take in 5 meals of 335 calories per day and let the exercise take care of the rest. If I get any cravings I'll adjust the calories upwards. I'll be drinking 3 litres of water and a litre of green tea per day and avoiding food that comes out of colourful boxes. Cottage cheese, 6 whites/1 yolk omelettes and canned tuna figure heavily as protein sources because I have neither time nor inclination to cook. Rye or whole wheat bread (whole wheat matza when Pesach gets here), lots of fruit and veggies, 0% fat yogurt, small amounts of nuts for healthy fats, the usual stuff. I'll blog the first week's intake starting Monday, and I might go straight through if no one expires of boredom. :-) I haven't decided how frequent the weigh-ins will be.

My friend K brought me the promised Nalgene bottle yesterday. It is a widemouth bottle, bright orange with a yellow cap. I think the bright colour makes it even easier to remember to drink. It's a small thing but it helps.


At 12:45 PM , Blogger Scott said...

'but I don't live my life that way'

Great to hear. I'm the same.

At 5:45 PM , Anonymous Bud Gibson said...

Shoulders seem to be a hard area for a lot of people once you get up in weight on the upper body. I had a lot of experience with this and wrote about it in December. I'm going to do another post on this topic pulling it all together.

An observation here is that I think you are doing the right thing by testing what hurts and then avoiding that. Going completely sedentary (another possible recommendation) just knocks the rest of the body back and may actually delay recovery because the metabolism slows.


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