Monday, March 27, 2006

Food Tracking

Before I get to the food, I am going to link to this sexism-skewering post at View from the Porch. One day ABC News might get a clue, but I'm not holding my breath.

Here are today's first two meals, which also happen to be my favourite choices for meal 1 and meal 2. The fruit and veg components change based on what's in season, and if I'm out of fruit and veg I stir 30g of dry oatmeal into the eggs. Cottage cheese comes in 250g containers here, so meal #2 is not only extremely portable, but can easily be assembled at the corner grocery or supermarket. Neither of these will change when Pesach arrives (no oatmeal, of course).

7:00am Meal 1: 6x1 Omelette
1 whole egg: 75/6.3/0.6/ 5
5 egg whites: 85/17.5/1.5/0
1/2 tsp olive oil: 20/0/0/2.3
1/3 cup 1% milk in coffee: 34/2.7/4.1/0.8
100g red pepper: 26 /1/6/0.3
100g persimmon:70/0.6/18.59/0.2
Total: 310/28.1/30.8/8.6

1030am Meal 2: Cottage and Yogurt
250g 0.5% cottage cheese: 146.3/30/3.8/1.3
150g 0% yogurt: 57/6.5/7.8/0.3
100g banana: 89/1.1/22.8/0
100g apple: 52/0.3/13.8/0.2
Total: 344/37.9/48.2/1.8

Lunch at the university was too carb intensive, but nothing really bad. The salad was a mix of greens, tomato, cucumber, corn, red cabbage, green beans and bean sprounts dressed with balsamic vinegar. I had a whole wheat roll, as well as ff plain yogurt, and a bag of chocolate milk. (It's an Israeli thing, chocolate milk in a little bag.) Bag contains 225ml and the stats are 167/5.9/25.4/4.5.

I had slightly under 4 hours of sleep last night, which is not a good thing. I was trying to write a short paper and I should have given up at 11:00pm, gone to sleep and tried again this morning. Instead I was up till 2am accomplishing little. I'd like to go to sleep early tonight, but I also want to get a workout in as the gym will be closed tomorrow due to Election Day.


At 5:36 AM , Blogger JuliaMazal said...

I didn't know the chocolate milk was still available in little bags! Please post a pic!


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