Friday, February 10, 2006

Back on Track

I decided not to blog again till I got off my butt and went back to the gym. I had gone on Sunday, then Monday and Tuesday we ended up staying late at school to do a debriefing with the mentor teacher after the school day ended. Wednesday night all four of us who are in Atlanta went to do some shopping at a local mall and by the time I got back to the house and ate dinner I was too tired to do anything. The shopping did have one fitness component; I went to a fitness equipment store to see if they had platemates, because the weight increments in the gym are too big for my needs. No such luck.

Thursday I told mentor teacher that I need to leave no later than 15 minutes after the school day ends. I think she was a little surprised because she asked if I had something to go to. The interesting thing is, I wouldn't mind coming in earlier. The student with whom I share the car asked if we could leave an hour earlier in the morning so that he could go to morning prayers in a synagogue close to the school, and I said no problem. But I do not like staying late.

Thanks to my on-time departure I got to my host's house and had time to eat well (omelette made with 5 whites / 1 yolk / 1/3 cup oatmeal), get my stuff together and go to the gym.
The training session began inauspiciously. There was no tricep bar, no small plates or collars to make up the weights I needed on the barbell curls, no locks... At this point I said the heck with it, I'll just do deadlifts until I feel I've had enough. This is what ensued:

1 x 6 @ 55 lbs
1 x 6 @ 95 lbs
1 x 8 @ 115 lbs
6 x 8 @ 105 lbs
1 x 12 @ 45 lbs

Hamstring Curls
1 x 6 @ 20 lbs
1 x 6 @ 30 lbs
5 x 8 @ 40 lbs
1 x 12 @ 20 lbs

Towards the end of the deadlift sets one of the trainers came to the nearby plate tree to put away some locks, and I went to get said locks. He asked me if I compete in the deadlift and I said not yet. (That goes on the list of sweetest things anyone has said to me in a gym.) Then he said that he hosts a weekly local radio show about fitness, and would I like to be interviewed on it, because he would like to promote weight lifting for women. (Unfortunately it tapes right in the middle of the school day, so I can't.) He finished by telling me I have awesome form, which made me very happy because I have worked very hard on the deadlift form.

These few positive comments - that told me nothing that I didn't know before - made a huge difference in my evening. A few minutes earlier I was incredibly frustrated, and all I could think of was how much I miss my gym. Suddenly the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and all was right with the world. So if there is someone in your gym you were thinking of saying some positive words to but haven't yet, go ahead and say them. I suspect they'll be well received.


At 3:51 PM , Blogger JuliaMazal said...

"she asked if I had something to go to" - uh, yeah, your LIFE. can't you "tape" something for the radio show that he can play later? Or phone in on a lunch hour?

At 8:37 PM , Anonymous Bud Gibson said...

I think you are hitting sort of the standard American "work till you drop" attitude. Have you talked with your mentor teacher about her expectations? Maybe she wants to start early also, in which case you could both win.

I know what you mean about encouragement. It's a real help.

As for visiting other gyms, it can be tough acclimating to different configurations. It would help if the gym had adequate free weights, at least in the dumbbell arena.

How long are you going to be there? Are there different exercises you could do? That's one thing I have always liked about travel, it can be an adventure figuring out how to do different things.

Don't let yourself turn to flab just because they don't have your standard free weight gear. Some resistance training, no matter how impure with machines, is better than none (I've probably said too much).

At 11:58 AM , Blogger chaos said...

Mich, congrats for getting back to the gym, asking for what you need at work, and having kick ass lifting form! How cool is it that somebody wanted to interview you. Quite the inspiration, you are.

At 6:01 PM , Blogger Scott said...

I agree. Getting asked to do an interview AND getting complimented on your pulling form (in the same day, no less) is superb. Hope you find a way to do the interview; even if it is faxed/taped/sent via courier pigeon.


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