Sunday, February 19, 2006


Student teaching hasn't left much time for anything. I had planned on using President's Day weekend for touristic purposes, but instead it has been all about shopping and preparing classes. I haven't made it to the gym as many times as I had hoped (access to the shared rental car is the main issue), but I've been doing home workouts (pushups, bodyweight squats and lunges, abwork) and walking whenever possible. Had a nice long walk in the cold and drizzle yesterday.

The upside is that nutrition has been excellent - canned tuna, 6 x 1 omelettes, spinach, broccoli, carrots, cottage cheese - and knowing that I'm not getting the same workouts I normally would has been a motivating factor on the nutritional front. Hydration, not so great. I'm slightly under 3L of water most days, and since my hosts have Coke Zero around all the time I've started drinking it.

All the clothes fit, and speaking of clothes, I've had some great shopping expeditions here. All hail SuperTarget, Loehmann's and DSW. :-) It has been a strange experience; I'm still not in touch with my current size, so I invariably start off with clothes that are too big, and then have to return to the rack and get another size or two down. I'm shopping knowing that the project is not finished, but I don't think I will have to completely replace this new wardrobe; I expect to be paying for alterations but not for new clothes.

Atlanta is lovely, and people here are very polite and nice. I wish I had more time here, but I'm leaving Thursday night.


At 1:56 AM , Blogger JuliaMazal said...

Ah, the joys of "Targ├ęt"! Please post pics of Atlanta if you have any.


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