Thursday, February 02, 2006

Almost Gone

One exam went very well, the other was a disaster. As they are both over and done with I have put them out of my mind.

Off to Atlanta tonight, via Newark, hoping for clear skies and good weather. Last year when I went for student teaching we got stuck in Newark due to the big snowstorm. My classmate and I ended up flying to Raleigh (no, I'm not kidding) because that's the closest the airline could get us to Maryland. We then rented a car in Raleigh, drove to the airport in Washington DC to pick up the rental car we were supposed to have in the first place because the Raleigh car rental place couldn't honor the Washington voucher. and then drove to Maryland. The car rental place actually tried to charge us several hundred dollars for picking up the car a day late. We're using a different company this year. Oh, and we stayed one night in Virginia because when we crossed from North Carolina into Virginia we realised that we were both too exhausted to drive; a 12 hour flight from Israel that began at midnight and for which you had to be at the airport three hours prior, coupled with several hours of stress at Newark Airport will do that to you. A year later I can look back on last year and smile, but I could use a simple, safe, smooth, no delays trip this time around.

I went in and trained chest and triceps yesterday night (flat BP, incline BP, close grip BP, skull crushers). I started late, but I was very pleased with my pace, since I finished everything except the last cardio interval. It was very quiet night in the gym. For the last 25 minutes or so it was just me and guy-in-charge. He was working out too.

I'm going to do my best to get in another session today before the flight. It's leg day, and I still have to talk to man-in-charge about how I'm going to set my max weights while I'm on my own in an unfamiliar gym. Not to mention a country where the plates are only labelled in lbs :-)

I will blog again as soon as I have access to the internet, but it may be a couple of days. Have a great weekend everyone!


At 3:59 PM , Blogger JuliaMazal said...

safe trip!

At 7:01 PM , Blogger NicoleW said...

Goodness -- I hope your trip this year is a lot smoother!


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