Friday, January 06, 2006

That Night

That night I got home from the gym around 11:00pm, didn't turn on the tv or the radio, ate dinner and was ready to go to bed when flatmate #1 arrived at the apartment and went straight to the television set. That's when I found out about the Prime Minister's stroke and hospitalization.

I don't usually watch tv during the week, but it has been on a lot since Wednesday night. (It's going to be off during Shabbat - sundown Friday to sundown Saturday - as we keep Shabbat in all common elements of the apartment.) If you want to understand why this country has been in a bit of a shock, read this Krauthammer piece.

I get extremely annoyed when I read articles that mention the stroke in the same breath as his excess weight. As one of the doctors speaking on tv Wednesday night pointed out, despite his weight and age, he did NOT have high blood pressure (#1 risk factor for stroke) or atherosclerosis (thickened arteries). Furthermore, it is likely that the blood thinning medication the doctors prescribed after his mini-stroke two weeks ago contributed to the massive hemorrhage he experienced after the major stroke.

Update: A lovely blog post from Haaretz, of all places, about a prayer for the PM. If you're saying a Jewish prayer, his Hebrew name is Ariel ben Dvora. (In Jewish prayer, when you're praying for someone's health you identify them as first name - son/daughter of - mother's first name.)


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