Sunday, January 22, 2006


One of the members of this band goes to my gym. I think you can tell by the picture which of them lifts. They're having their cd launch concert this Friday, Jan 27, 10pm, at the Kultura Club, 154 Herzl St., Tel Aviv. So if you're in Israel, like what you hear on their site, and are not Shomer Shabbat, check them out. One of the Anglo guys at the gym on Friday was wearing their new t-shirt. The front has a pic of the new cd cover and the band name, the back says "Supporting violence against stupidity since 2003". A Sisyphean endeavour, if you ask me.

The last couple of Fridays I've been in and out of the gym by 10:30am, but this time I went in a bit later. A group of English speaking guys came in about halfway through my session, and one of them put on a squat clinic. When he came in the rack was occupied, so he went to the bench press station, loaded the bar to 135lbs, pressed it overhead and lowered it behind his neck to rest on his shoulders, and then did several sets of very fast squats as warmup until the rack became available. He's not a short guy either, so his form was that much more impressive. I thought he was doing a Westside variation, but he had earphones on so I held off on asking until he was out of the rack and talking to other people. He said he'd done Westside in the past, and found that his muscles got really strong really fast, but his ligaments & tendons didn't get strong at the same rate, which caused serious joint pain. He said that he was just testing the weight today, feeling it on his shoulders.

For most of my session the music was 80s and 90s pop. Towards my last set of my cardio intervals guy-in-charge finally put on some heavier music. SillyWoman starts complaining, calling it "Let's kill people and die music". She then starts polling people to see if they like it. Most say they like it or don't mind it. One guy points out that in this gym people are concentrating on their exercises and don't even hear the music most of the time. I walked by, and guy-in-charge points to me and says,
"Ask her,"
"She doesn't count," sniffs SillyWoman.
Well then.
I smiled, then asked guy-in-charge what took him so long because I could have really used that music earlier in the workout.

Friday, January 21, 11:30pm, Day I: Chest Triceps Shoulders Work sets @ 6 reps

Flat BP
6 x 20 Kg / 44 lbs
6 x 34 Kg / 75 lbs
6 x 42.5 Kg / 93.7 lbs. Finally got the 42.5Kg.
6 x 35 Kg / 71.7 lbs
6 x 35 Kg / 71.7 lbs
12 x 21.5 Kg / 47.4 lbs

Weighted Push Ups (supersetted with leg lifts on bench)
6 x 0
6 x 0
6 x 5 Kg / 11 lbs
6 x 2.5 Kg / 5.5 lbs
6 x 0
12 x 0

Skull Crushers (supersetted with side curls off the bench)
6 x 12.5 Kg / 27.6 lbs
6 x 19 Kg / 41.9 lbs
6 x 24 Kg / 52.9 lbs
6 x 19 Kg / 41.9 lbs
6 x 15 Kg / 33 lbs
12 x 12.5 Kg / 27.6 lbs

Shoulder Exercise (supersetted with 2 minute sideways box jumps)
I don't know what to call this one - I'm lying on my back and doing a cable upright row, palms facing in then back, limited range of motion (hips to solarplexus). Originally I was doing seated shoulder presses, then switched to seated lateral raises, but both of them made my right shoulder unhappy. This seems to have solved the problem.
6 x 8 Kg / 17.6 lbs
6 x 12 Kg / 26.5 lbs
6 x 16 Kg / 35.3 lbs
6 x 14 Kg / 30.9 lbs
6 x 12 Kg / 26.5 lbs
12 x 8 Kg / 17.6 lbs


At 11:02 AM , Anonymous Bud Gibson said...

I have a bit of a weighted push-ups fetish. I like the way you are mixing in weighted with no-weight. It lets you bounce up and hit some peaks while still getting volume.

I note you are generally using low reps (6). Once you get stronger, body weight will be easy enough that you'll have to do high reps.

Good show.

At 2:39 AM , Blogger Mich said...

Thanks Bud.

I'm not much of a high rep person - I don't expect to be doing work sets over 12 anytime soon (warm up sets, yes). I'd rather add weight and keep the same reps.

The current program, which is just about to wrap up, has work sets at 10, 8, 7 and 6 reps. It cycles so that what was the 6 rep weight becomes the 7, 8 and eventually 10 rep weight.

At 8:25 AM , Blogger M@rla said...

You "don't count"? What in the world does that mean? I will choose to interpret it as a high compliment, since it comes from someone named SillyWoman.

Although, I have to laugh at her "let's kill people and die" phrase. That's pretty apt!

At 1:56 PM , Blogger BethK said...

And you didn't deck her? That, even more than your 50kg Lat Pulldown, impresses the hell out of me!

When I'm going hard; the louder, darker, and more industrial the better.


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