Friday, January 20, 2006

Another One

I didn't turn on the radio or tv last night, so it was only this morning that I heard about Islamic Jihad's latest suicide bombing. This one was in at a Tel Aviv shawarma restaurant. It could have been a lot worse, but the scumbag screwed up:
"Police said the explosion went off in the restaurant's bathroom, possibly prematurely as the bomber tried to prepare the explosive device. In addition, police said, the combination of a relatively small explosive device and the fact that the bomber chose a closed-in shop as his target, limited the damage and the number of wounded."
According to the radio this one was Iranian-financed, Syrian-planned, and Palestinian-executed. Ain't international cooperation grand? My flatmate, who speaks fluent Arabic and follows the Arab media, noted that the bombing was first reported on Iranian tv, and that it took place while the President of Iran and the President of Syria are having a little official visit together. (I hope they choke on their canapes.) For more on terror attacks here, check out this Jan 12 post at


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