Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wednesday Already

I woke up at 5:40am, went to a nearby cafe for breakfast and got a good hour and a half of work done before school. If only the gym opened at 6:00am I could get a workout in before classes. On the other hand, I like doing work early in the morning.

During my semester break in February 2006, I'll be going to North America for student teaching, which means following a mentor teacher around for three weeks and learning from them. I went to Maryland last year, and this year I'll be going to Georgia. Last year my mentor teacher was also my host, which could have been really awkward but fortunately worked out well. This year the mentor and the host are two different people.

As it happens, the daughter of the host family is a schoolmate, and I've been talking to her about the trip. Among my questions: what would be a good present for my hosts, what tourist attractions should I absolutely not miss, and most importantly, how close is the nearest gym. Well, she said that not only is there a great fitness centre with lots of free weights nearby, but her dad goes to said fitness centre every single morning and would be able to give me a ride there. How's that for fortuitous? Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the gym has a squat rack. :-)

No gym Monday because that was my Hebrew U late night, and no gym Tuesday because a visiting school principal took a bunch of us out to dinner to tell us about his school. It was a very interesting evening, and I learned a lot. I don't know if his school is the right one for me (he suggested that we come to dinner even if we weren't sure and just wanted to learn more), but it sounds like a great place. So, no two squat sessions this week. The goal now is just to get all four workout sessions in by Friday afternoon. One down, three to go.


At 4:48 PM , Blogger chaos said...

Hi Mich, so when all is said and done will you head back to TO to teach? Public school? I have faith: where you go, squat racks must follow.


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