Thursday, December 01, 2005

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday night was Legs. Everything was solid, and the lunges are improving by leaps and bounds. The first time I did the new program I remember being very annoyed with my lunges. Granted, I'm doing them after six sets of squats, but I had hoped for better depth. My thought was "I can't believe I'm so weak that I can't do lunges with no weight." And then the light bulb went on. I wasn't doing them with no weight. I was doing them with the bar, which is 45lbs. I think I may have laughed out loud at myself at that point. Interestingly, even though the form on the lunges was not good on that first set, man-in-charge didn't have me drop the weight. He just said to do them half-way, then three-quarters, then all the way.

Post-renovations, the squat rack is no longer facing the same way, and so I am doing my leg work without a mirror. This means that I can't rely on the visual check to ensure that the bar is centered, or that my stance is even. It was strange at first, but now I can do it without difficulty. Some people turn around and face the mirror behind the rack, but I find it easier to rack my weight going forward, rather than walking backwards and trying to find the correct level to place the bar on.

Yesterday was Back, and the gym was busy. I decided to do my seated rows before my lat pulldowns because the lat pulldown machine had two people already working on it. I was very tired due to a very long day at the university. And when I got home I had to decide between going to a lecture or going to the gym. The gym won out, because I am trying to get five sessions in this week rather than four. Still, when people ask me at the gym how often I workout, I say "Four times a week, five if it works out". My schedule this semester is not set up to allow five times a week, and I am not going to drive myself crazy over it.

Music was great last night. With all due respect to man-in-charge, who I think has a point about silence, sometimes a little of this is just what a woman needs to get her through her workout. And around 10:10pm, after most people had left, ShoulderGuy turned things up a notch by putting on some heavy metal music that made Rammstein sound like Albinoni's Adagio. I have to ask him what it was. Melodious, no, but very useful for getting through those 2 minutes spent jumping over an aerobic step. I made sure to tell the co-owner and the woman at the desk that I liked the music.


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